Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Zombie Load out.....

What would you carry into the frightening landscape of the Zombpocalypse... The question was asked while we were at the home of Lord and Lady Aravan and I wish we had more time to geek over it. I thought about it carefully and decided the following.

First to Level set... My ground rules were I could only choose from weapons I had.Second, many people who do this sort of exercise have never really had to carry A Weapon let alone Weapons and their corresponding ammunition for any real length of time so I decided to choose based on the fact that I would eventually find myself walking.

My Rifle.... for I would only carry one... would, by necessity by a AR15 (5.56). Why? you ask, simple every police department and national guard until throughout the nation either A. use a AR15/m4/m16 or a rifle that fires 5.56, so this gives you a source to scrounge parts and ammo. The AR is not my favorite rifle, not by a long shot but you got to go with the most common (IMHO).

The real question is, which AR do I take, I have a COLT SP1 with a A1 upper and full length barrel ( tricked out to Vietnam Specs) and I have a Bushmaster lower and a A1 “XM177” upper making it a carbine (16” barrel) with collapsing stock. one is compact and handy in tight spaces, the other gives me a bit more range in my opinion.

I think I would take the longer rifle, I am under the impression that the carbine is 5 times as loud ( just due to the muzzle being closer to your head) then the longer and I might need some range when Zombie comes to shove. I only have a few 30 round mags, but I have a whole mess of 20 round mags so I think I would be OK. So my colt SP1 (AR15) it would be.

Pistol...or in this case a moron I will have decided to carry 2 of them. The first would be my Berretta 92F, Its 9mm and has High capacity mags. 9mm will be common enough and the 92f or clones are pretty common as well. The second, will be my Colt 1911 45ACP... I love the .45 and couldn't bare to be without it... so I would be a total idiot and burden myself with two pistols.

So those are the weapons I would go into the harsh night of the Zombpocalpyse with. Facing the the hordes of the walking dead to the sharp report of 3 weapons used by the US military.


Anonymous said...

Pretty much the same, I have a M-4, and a 1911 .45 Auto; i'd probably also bring my .44 magnum revolver just in case and my shotgun, although I would cut down the barrel first.

Anonymous said...

Like I finally got around to saying on my blog, I'd end up going with a shotgun, sawed-off in the finest Mad Max style, 2 pistols (9mm or .45, really whatever I could scrounge), a knife, a machete, and finally (but most importantly), a shovel. Although I do like the idea of an AR-15, just not sure I'd want to deal with any two-handed weapons that aren't a shovel.

Anonymous said...

after carefully considering what i have on hand and not what i read on some post apocalyptic fiction sites o think i'd probably want....

a small trauma kit including 4x4 gauze bandages(at least 50) clotting factor concentrate, suture needles,hemostats,surgical sponges,and aseptic water for rinsing wounds.
more than a few yards of sterile gauze,sulfa powder,surgical tape,tylenol,sudafed,and sildenafil.
just as an emergency backup a couple of boxexen of maxi-pads to use as emergency dressings and sanitary packed paper wrapped tampons to plug wounds from enemy gunfire.

as an aside i might consider a way to filter and purify water(you may need that)some kind of expedient shelter, and perhaps a bit of high protein food or some means to procure it.
BTW if you think a good rifle is all you need to survive you are most likely going to die.