Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok….Its been a month since my last blog, My bad.

In April I attended the Great War event in Newville. First it rained the whole time, a soaking rain but for some reason I had a great time. Normally when that kind of rain falls in any other period the event stops, people go home. Yes some people bugged out ( don’t hold anything against them) but a lot of our folks stayed in the trenches. The rain soaked through my rain cape, and my trench coat but I didn’t seem to mind. The event sort of re-energized me a little.

I ran Two miniatures games for the first time at a convention. I think people had a good time. I have a middle- eastern village now that can double for a few things ( Tatooine anyone :o).

My son is a total Star Wars nut right now, its cool to hear his take on everything. He fights light saber battles and we have what we call our “Made up Movie” staring his old creation, the famous Jedi Cedee Mancha. We are planning a vacation to Disney and all he wants to do is Star Tours.

My Wife and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary ( though we have been together for over 20).
Well I think that’s it for the catch up…now back to our regularly scheduled blog.