Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The 13th Floor…

I work in a High rise, not a spectacularly large building, only 18 floors, but certainly bigger then my house. Every morning, I walk from the 4th garage level up to 16, the other day something hit me for the first time, I couldn’t believe I had not noticed it before…Our building has no 13th floor.

I know most buildings do this, but it struck me as odd, don’t they know that the so called 14th floor is defacto the 13th? I mean…I can call a bullet a lemon slice but its still a bullet. I am wondering if our sister building has a 13th floor…and if not…is there a dimension where all these 13th floors exist?

You should be allowed to take legal action against buildings without 13th floors…sort of a truth in advertising…if you ask anyone who works here “how many floors is your building?” they’s all say “18” and be plane old wrong…wrong,wrong and wrong.

Oh well…back to work in this “18” story building.