Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The SCI FI Chanel…Modern Slavery?

Ok I just need to know one thing….does the Sci Fi channel practice slavery? In the past I have ranted about their really really bad movies, the ones they make in eastern Europe for 20 dollars but now I am wondering if they are more evil then I thought.

Case in point…Claudia Black…First off and for the record, she’s not hard to look at, But I now believe that at some point SFC bought her…she appears in everything they do.
First there was Farscape, loved her in that, then she pops up in Stargate SG1. I stopped and thought “what the ….” But I let it go. Now this week she was in the Dresden Files!! Sweet Potato Pie! People she is being held against her will!! What next, a lead in the latest bad Nazi Gargoyle movie? Or is she doomed to be eaten by a Giant Mutant Vole. Hear me Sci Fi Channel!!! Let her go!!! Free Her!!!!
So the question is, how much did SFC pay for her and How much would they sell her for?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surviving in the Battlestar Galactica Universe

First off…Everyone is a Cylon, they may not be, but to play it safe just treat them like they are. Your wife, boyhood friend Twin Brother… All Cylons. If you prepare your self, we won’t have to waist time with the “Oh My Gods..” and “I don’t Fracking believe it” scenes…EVERYONE IS A CYLON.

Learn to fly…Apparently anyone can walk onto the flight deck and climb into a Viper ( See Civilian Apollo in season Finally ) so it wont hurt having that avenue of escape open to you.
STAY AWAY FROM CALI!!! If something bad is going to happen its going to happen to or around her. Don’t even be on the same ship…flee, leap into space without a space suit to get away from her…you stand a better chance of surviving.

Padme!!! What are you thinking?

Ok, in the past I have spoken about my 5 year olds love of star wars and how he loves the Lego star wars game. Well to celebrate the birth of his little brother we bought him the other game that deals with the first three movies ( PM, AOTC, ROTS). Now the game has a bright spot, you can watch Jar- Jar die over and over again…and that makes me happy, but like the other game, for my son to get into the spirit of things he has to watch the movie dealing with the chapter he is playing.

So one night we find our selves watching “Attack of the Clones”, not my favorite so I am watching with sarcastic colored glasses on…that’s when it hits me, WHAT THE HECK IS PADME THINKING!!!.

So she’s all “ we cant do this” and “its not right” while she shows up for dinner wearing a leather corset and collar around her neck ??? Then there is my favorite dress, the one she wears on Tatooine when Anakin returns from killing the Tusken Raiders… You know, the scene in the garage. Now watch that scene and look at that dress and ask your self…does the neck line form a arrow pointing down…TO A TARGET?????
I am not even going to go into her choice of clothing for Anakin’s mom’s funereal, maybe it was the only clean thing she had left.

Monday, March 12, 2007

“ There will be no Ewoks in my house!!!!”

This weekend, as I lay sleeping late on Saturday, my Son came bounding into the room. He had drawn a picture he wished to show me. My blood ran cold as I looked down at the sheet of paper and its masterful illustrations for he had drawn… Ewoks!!
First there was a Ewok in a red shirt carrying a spear, which he made sure I understood was him, then there was wicket ( he made me guess what one was wicket) with his little sling about to wrap around his head and finally a little guy with a bow.
My initial thought was to rip up the picture in front of his 5 year old eyes and send him off to his room until he was 12, but this seemed to harsh, so I let the whole thing slide. Over the period of the day the picture grew in its grandeur, a ATST was soon being crushed by logs, a Scout trooper flew his speeder bike and a Storm trooper tried to defend himself ( A legion of his best troops…yeah right).
I was considering institution that I could send him to, to help de-program him, to help him over come this Ewoktosis that he was suffering….but that’s when it occurred to me. My son was probably the exact audience that those furry little terrorist were designed to appeal to…so after simmering down I resigned myself to wait patently for this phase to pass.
….But if I start seeing pictures of Jar-Jar, all bets are off!!! Were going to the wood-shed!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How not to be “father of the year”…

Ok, yesterday I blogged about my son and the Star Wars Lego’s game…at the time I did not know the near tragedy that I had unleashed.

Flashback….March 6th, 0630 hours
I set out to leave for work, the wind was blowing hard as I pulled on my coat. I was surprised by the wait of the garment when I remembered I had placed my son’s game boy that contained his Game boy Star wars lego game ( though not as loved as the PC version, he like to play it while on the way to school) in my pocket the day before when I had picked him up. My thoughts soon turned to the garbage can that I had to take out and how it would fair in the strong wind, so I set the game boy down on the roof of my jeep and set off to secure the the garbage can. When I felt that task had been accomplished sufficiently I hoped in my Jeep and drove off to work…already late.

Flashback….March 6th, 1400 hours
My wife phoned me at work to say she was home and that everything was fine with her. Then she mentioned that she had told my son he could play his game boy on the way home since it was still in my jacket. My head began to swim, like in a bad movie, I saw myself placing the game boy atop my Jeep over and over again, in slow motion, in bizarre angles, from the perspective of the poor game boy followed by the Mental scream shot that pulls back from my tortured face. I had forgotten my sons game boy on the roof of my Jeep when I pulled out that morning.

All Attempts to located the poor device were fruitless and at 4:00 I had to face my child and tell him of the unforgivable act his father was guilty of. You got to love 5 year olds, he took it in stride, asked my a million and one “why didn’t you…” and “ you could have…” questions without anger or sadness. In fact it was he who simply said “ I guess we can order one on line” but so guilt ridden was I that I had to stop at Best Buy and get him a new one on the way home. We couldn’t find his Star Wars lego game at the stores we stopped at, and we’ll have to order that on line but he is ok with that.
When we got home he hoped onto the PC and got enough points to buy Boba Fett ( all before bath time) so he was as pleased as punch. I felt so bad for losing his game, I was convinced he would be upset, but he wasn’t, he took the whole thing better then I did, you got to love him.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Heroes Theory

It all goes back to 1938, and a little known project called “Neue Dämmerung” under the leadership of Dr Vanso Faust. Faust was investigating Accelerated Evolutionary Development (AED) under the Reich’s Ministry of science. Though most files on Faust’s work were destroyed, what is known at this time is that he was supplied 500 “Subjects” from the Mauthausen Concentration Camp ( the camps records record the transportation and return receipt’s are signed by Faust himself…CIA Archives) and that none of these subjects were ever seen again.
Some insight was gained via a interview with a Hauptstrumfuhrer Johan Strump, conducted in 1946 at a POW camp in Austria. Strump was in charge of a guard detail assigned to Faust. He claims to have observed subjects being injected with large doses of what the doctor informed him was a “evolutionary accelerant”. The effect caused the subjects to Scream in pain and physical effects were varied per batch, anywhere from rapid mortification to the liquefaction of the soft tissue. Strump also notes that the screams had such a effect on staff that Faust took the precaution of destroying the subjects voice box before experimentation.
Strump states that by 1942 the Doctor had apparently made significant headway, Party officials’ began to visit the lab ( Located in the Black Forest outside of Stauffen, Germany) climaxing in a visit from the Fuhrer and Himmler in late January of 1943. Strump was not privy to what transpired but does report that they seemed to have left well pleased.
It was reported shortly after that Faust visited OFLAG XVII – A outside Edelsbach Austria. There, according to the camps records, Flu vaccine was administered to 20 Patents. All 20 were from different nationalities. The camps records record the deaths of 11 of the 20 shortly afterward.
Strump then stated that he escorted the doctor to a Wehrmacht Hospital outside Munich. He states that he injected 10 wounded officers with a “Vaccine”. A search of the facilities records showed no such work. Strump stated he believed that ones name was “Luhrmann”, a search of this name turned up nothing however it is intresting to note that a Hauptmann Hans Lindermann was recovering from wounds received on the eastern front in the hospital at this time…He was a Knights cross winner and Father to Fredrich Lindermann, known today to the intelligence services as Frederick Linderman of Las Vegas Nevada.
Strump was murdered in the POW camp before any additional information could be obtained. Allied bombing of the “Neue Dammerung” facility in late 43 was believed to have Killed Faust and his assistants, However it is important to note, U-543 has listed on its manifest “Experimental Materials, Stauffen, Germany” before it embarks on its trip to Japan in early 1945.
After the capitulation of Japan, allied intelligence services search for the material transported, the only evidence of its existence that could be found was a signed naval manifest, the signature was of a Captain Isoroku Nakamura. A interrogation of this officer revealed only that he supervised loading the box onto a truck, and knew nothing more. It most be noted that the service records of this officer were never found and a rumor exists that he was a member of “Unit 731”.
After the war, CIA records show some activity around the name Faust within the Odessa organization and it is believed he may have survived the bombing and fled to South America. Certain documents shared by MI6 and revealed latter in KGB archives indicate the possibility of a small network of scientist based in South America and Japan continuing work that they considered to be linked to Neue Dammerung. Our own government sponsored a project called “New Dawn” ( a literal translation) in the 50’s reportedly utilizing some of the same research as Faust, however no documentation on this can be found, rumor suggests that aerial delivery testing took place at some point but again it most be stressed that no evidence of this exists. The names of the Allied officers that survived the injections remains classified however it is believed they returned to their respective countries with out any long term effects. As per the request of the head office, research reveals no Petrelli imprisoned in OFLAG XVII at the time of the experiment, however, a search of French military records reveals a Captain Jacques Du Fountaine, who is the father of Angela Du Fountaine who married Thomas Petrelli. No records of Concentration camp survivors can be found, though it was noted that after the 1943 bombing, a extensive search of the near by Black Forest was conducted.

Monday, March 05, 2007

What The…..

Ok…as stated before, I am a big Sci-fi geek, as such, I happen to watch Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi. I think the show is great...but that may change.

I thought last nights episode was pretty good, Starbuck has dreams that leads to her suiciding her viper into a storm on a gas giant. If that’s the case I am OK, or if she is magically teleported somewhere because of her special destiny etc…Im ok with that. I will not be OK with her waking up on a Cylon Resurrection ship as one of the unseen models of the Cylons. That will bug me.