Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The 13th Floor…

I work in a High rise, not a spectacularly large building, only 18 floors, but certainly bigger then my house. Every morning, I walk from the 4th garage level up to 16, the other day something hit me for the first time, I couldn’t believe I had not noticed it before…Our building has no 13th floor.

I know most buildings do this, but it struck me as odd, don’t they know that the so called 14th floor is defacto the 13th? I mean…I can call a bullet a lemon slice but its still a bullet. I am wondering if our sister building has a 13th floor…and if not…is there a dimension where all these 13th floors exist?

You should be allowed to take legal action against buildings without 13th floors…sort of a truth in advertising…if you ask anyone who works here “how many floors is your building?” they’s all say “18” and be plane old wrong…wrong,wrong and wrong.

Oh well…back to work in this “18” story building.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok…first, I am a Delawarean, lived here all my life, If I do not vote for Joe Biden, they will know and they will find me. “ DUDE!!!” you shout over the sounds of the porn pop-ups on your monitor “Vote for ________ as President…F! them people!”. You do not understand, I am still feeling the impacts of the whole Pete Dupont Dibacle….his people still follow me around…Never again.

Second…I think we should put all our money together a perfect the time machine and get someone who has a clue!!!! TR or maybe George Marshall…maybe Ike would agree to save us…Id settle for Martin Vanburen.

I do like Obama, I think he is smart, I like the way he talks issue (mainly) but he doesn’t have the experience. I love John Mccain, but if he passes…god forbid…Palin becomes president??? NFW!!

Wait…before you jump down my throat, its not anything she has done that garners my harsh views…She hasn’t the experience for the job.

I have no idea what Im doing in November…other then voting for Biden.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Impending doom one step closer…apparently

That’s right, the super huge atom smasher in Switzerland is up and running…smashing Atoms. Some think that when it is up to its full smashy goodness, it may cause blackholes to form. I say “ Great! One more thing to add to the list of worries!... Thanks science”.

Does it bug anyone else that we as humans have come up a zillion ways to kill our selves yet we still cant prevent a Pepsi ™ from going flat? We can kill a human from around the world with a remote controlled drone yet my cable still goes out? Why don’t I have a hover car like on the Jetson’s that runs off of love??? We can build a super Atom smasher with its 17 miles of tunnels yet Warhammer online’s ™ patching server still goes down…come on humans! PRIORTIES!

Personally, I hope it opens some dimensions…I would love to see the past as it really was and all that thoughtful stuff…but I am also hoping for a dimension where all women dig me and Im regarded as “uber cool”….it could happen…maybe.

Oh well, I guess I will toil away here at tedium central with all the rest of the nameless cog’s…that is until the armies of Haberax the destroyer come poring through the dimensional gate…then Im all freedom fighter baby!!! WOLVERINES!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr Horrible

I saw this on Itunes last week as I was downloading some stuff but didn’t pay it any mind, then my friend sent me a link…I ended up watching all three episodes about three times Yesterday. FUNNY and Surprisingly smart for a Internet production ( Smart in a tight, well edited sense). It is a creation of the Whedon Clan, Joss and his kin and stars Nathan Fallon as Captain Hammer, Felicia Day and of course Neil Patrick Harris as the title character, Dr. Hammer.
Basic premise is that Dr Horrible is trying to gain admittance to the legendary Evil League of Evil ( Headed by the stallion of sin “Bad Horse”) all the while trying to get the courage to ask the Felicia Day Character out on a date. It’s a Musical…don’t let that stop you from watching this…I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this.
Day maybe be known to some of you from her work on Youtubes “The Guild” and she holds her own playing against Harris and Fallon. Nathan Fallon ( Firefly….WHY! FOX!!!! WHY!!!!) Plays the muscle headed Captain Hammer…a Jock “hero”, he realy pulls off the “jerkiness” of the Character and is a Joy to watch.
But it is Neil Patrick Harris that I was most surprised by. I had seen him do comedy before, but even in the scenes where he is just playing against his Computer ( Blogging into the Camera) he has terrific timing. He can also sing…who’d of thunk-it and surprisingly he gives his super-villain character depth even in this 42 minute, low budget web-only production. I know no one reads my blog…but if someday, aliens uncover a copy of these stupid postings…please pick over the ruined earth until you discover a copy of “Dr Horrible”…no it won’t change your life…but it will make you laugh. Oh…and don’t be “So Johnny Snow” about things

Avatar "The Last Air Bender"

Ok…I am not the Target audience for this show, I am ___ years old ( ___ = a number meaning really old) but my son and I have watched the whole series. This past weekend was the Finally of season 3 and I have got to say that I consider this series and the 2 hour movie to be some of the finest TV out there. If you have written this off as a kids show, but are a fan of Fantasy or if you draw breath like a normal human, do your self a favor and watch this series, Its fun, and damn good!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow...the Economy Sucks

Ok….Im paying like, a million dollars to gas my ridgeline, and Yes mr greensleeves, If I had known the gas prices would go through the roof I would have bought a vehicle with better Gas Mileage so shut your bean sprout chew’n pie hole!! Owen has to have tubes put in his ears and to top that, the same day they are going to do surgery on his eyes, Dr John, or eye doctor friend says its one of the most common surgeries on kids so I’m trying not to worry. Any way…..sorry blog old friend, I have neglected you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blog…What Blog???

Ok…So life is a little hectic, Kevin has T-ball twice a week now, scouts has just ended. Now Owen and Kevin both have to wear patches ( and still wear his glasses). He also has to have tubes put in his ears to help with drainage and prevent infections. I did manage to get to WWI and it was interesting, a 15 foot section of Trench burnt down…er..up, it was a hell of a fire and it was weird that the allies were the ones mostly fighting it. Jim Marcum cemented his place in history by ripping a frame out of a German bunker while forcing the door and I was the Only Buff at morning formation.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a lamb….a misty wet lamb….but a lamb none the less

Well after today March will be yet another for the books, Things were pretty hectic, Easter, T-Ball, Scouts and Dr. visits. March also will be known as the month of the eye as my eldest son now has to wear a patch to strengthen one eye and my youngest, at one year old, now wears glasses ( they make him look like Ralphy from Christmas story). Owen also had a number of ear infections ( his brother had a few when he was teething if I remember right).
April is lining up to be busy as well, I hope to be more active with the scouts with Kevin and the WWI re-enactment is set to go. My Armor was completed by the guy in England, It was a lot cheaper when I ordered it, and now with shipping and the weak dollar…holy smokes!!!!! Didn’t the economy know I was ordering from over seas! The thing that burns me is that I practically begged to pay when I ordered…now its cost me arg!!!! HAVE YOUR JOKE LIFE!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Owen is one today….

That’s right, my youngest is one year old today, at home with a ear infection. My oldest Kevin cried because he wanted Owen to be able to go to Nanies school to have his birthday party, we explained that with a temperature of 101-102 he’d have to stay home…so Kevin had us sing happy birthday to Owen before we headed up to St E’s.
Owen, you have a good big brother.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogie Mcblogerton….

Ok, its been awhile, I haven’t really updated much of anything so here we go. Kevin finished basketball and now he is doing Cub Scouts, Owen will be one this week !!!! OMG!!! He is standing and even took a few steps the other day, however it looks as though he may be sick again and he had a fever last night.
I went up to Cold wars in Lancaster this weekend and have been applying some of the “Painting lore” I have learned in the Tuesday night painting workshop at DOKs, my guys are deffently less Craptastic…still Craptatic but allot better then before. Cold Wars itself was so so, but one thing that did impress me was the group that made use of small, magnificently detailed boards to run some pulp and pirate games, very impressive.
I have been trying to snatch up some uniforms that will fit me and other re-enacting gear to replace the stuff that won’t fit to well anymore, but Im going to hold off on anymore, I have my pike armor and helmet still on order in the UK but that’s all I have outstanding for now.
I am down to 200 ( was about 195 before the weekend) so I may try to go down to 185 just to say I am no longer officially overweight according to the BMI indicator, I know there will be bounce back, but I hope to stay below 200.
Kathy has been planning Owens birthday ( not a big one) and we have Easter coming up so things will be busy.
Guess that’s it for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


OK, Its been a few days, so now its time for a update, Lets see, still having issues with Kevin at school and he is taking basketball on Saturdays. Uncle roger turned 70 and they had a great party for him ( he is heading to Africa now). Owen has woken up early the last two nights…ARG!!! Valentines day is this week. I am sort of hovering around 205 in the weight department and the earth is still round.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl

It was a alright weekend, Saturday I got out to by some shirts…didn’t find any I liked ( Hello Duluth) but picked up some shoes. Kevin and I went to Basketball, the kid loves playing but has very little in the way of skills, I hated Basketball as a kid, I don’t think I even played it in High School…so Im not the best teacher, then there is the time thing…when do you have time during the week to practice…but we’ll try. Sunday we went to the Davis’s for a Super bowl party…Man did I eat some junk, but it didn’t bump my weight to much. Kevin was great this weekend, up to a Uno game Sunday night, he lost and nearly tossed away a whole good weekend he was so bad, he was probably tired.
The new House was good, I nearly busted a gut when they showed Wilson’s new Girlfriend.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Making your goal Weight…

Ok, as of this morning I hit 210, I started at 285 ( that’s the low end estimate as our scale couldn’t fully weigh my ponderous girth). My original goal was 220, but a friend gave me a stretch goal of 210.
Now, I have been here before, lost allot of weight only to gain it all back, Maintaining is where the real challenge comes into play.
I don’t know if I am ready to maintain though, Last week I entered in my height ( 6 foot 1) and my then current weight of 215 into a BMI calculator, it laughed at me, it said it’s a wonder Im not dead Im so fat…not really… but it did advise me to see my doctor about my obesity…ARG!!! So I may try to get down below 200, I’ll give it a go, I am happy where I am at now, uniforms fit, reenacting stuff is easier to find etc ( But there is the down side of being cold.
I know there will be a weight gain, I need to try to prevent that, my payoff of fitting in some of my uniforms has been realized, I need to set a new short term goal, I ordered some 17th century stuff from the UK, I have to keep the weight down to fit it so that’s one. I know it will be tough but I think I hit on some new foods that are making it easier. I am eating more fruits and Vegetables then I have in the past, I have been trying to keep my protein intake up and lean ( Chicken and Jerky believe it or not). I have been a big fan of the Soups they now make and most importantly…carbs. I have been limiting carbs to whole grain stuff, I cant tell you the last time I aint regular bread and pasta ( And I love pasta) . The other thing is habits…I never used to eat breakfast, now I make sure to eat a good breakfast and good lunch, then a reasonable dinner…Then I do not eat anything three hours before bed. Seems to be working, they say its important to keep your calorie intake up so I have been trying.
Once I hit Maintenance…that’s when the work begins!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Ok, not a amazingly exciting weekend but when all is said and done it wasn’t that bad. I went to the Gun show on Saturday Morning and Sold one of my Muskets…I got exactly what I was asking, and that surprised the heck out of me. I literally had people walking up to me trying to buy it, one guy offered me 700.00 then the next guy offered me 800.00 but I stuck to my guns and got what I was asking so that was surprise. I had read a email string on line saying they usually go for around 6 to 7 hundred so I was very happy.
I went over to Johns store Saturday before noon and we talked for awhile then I was home to cover the homestead while Mom shopped. On Sunday I watched the O man so Kathy and Kevin could go to his friends skating party so things were pretty laid back on Sunday.
Owen may have every toy in the world, but the lad prefers to Zip around the house getting into everything he shouldn’t. If you tell him not to go to the water bowl then ZOOM! Right to the water bowl he goes. He is climbing stairs, because his brother has seemed fit to teach him, I can’t help but think that he will be walking soon.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Fun!

Today we took a trip to the Brandywine River Museum, The first shot is of my Wife and two kids by the Christmas tree display

The next shot is of the World famous crime fighters and mystery sleuths "THE KENDALL MEN!!!"

It was a good time but the Doll House display was a little weak, only one doll house. The Train room was impressive but realy was the whole museum. I love driving up there as it is some of the prettiest ground in the Delaware SE PA region. Not to mention the scene of a hellish Battle of the American Rev.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ok…Its 2008 and by my calculations in a few weeks I maybe one of a few people left in my group at work. Everyone seems to be leaving…its great for Morale. They are all great people but the job has become so unbearable that with the Boss leaving they feel its time for them to get out. Me? I’ll stay.

On News Years Kevin and I went for a drive, most of the stores were closed so we went over to Newkirk Estates ( Where I grew up) and I showed Kevin around the Creek where we used to play and hang out. I showed him the Rock Patio and the Poor scared tree where we all carved our initials. Place look different but the same…the Creek looked wider, The old drainage ditch was allot deeper and down a ways all the houses have been removed from the flood plain. The old Rock that I used to think looked like a Coffin is now washed down and buried into the bank of the White Clay…Though you can still see the remains of where we used to build the damn across the Creek every summer.