Tuesday, February 12, 2008


OK, Its been a few days, so now its time for a update, Lets see, still having issues with Kevin at school and he is taking basketball on Saturdays. Uncle roger turned 70 and they had a great party for him ( he is heading to Africa now). Owen has woken up early the last two nights…ARG!!! Valentines day is this week. I am sort of hovering around 205 in the weight department and the earth is still round.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl

It was a alright weekend, Saturday I got out to by some shirts…didn’t find any I liked ( Hello Duluth) but picked up some shoes. Kevin and I went to Basketball, the kid loves playing but has very little in the way of skills, I hated Basketball as a kid, I don’t think I even played it in High School…so Im not the best teacher, then there is the time thing…when do you have time during the week to practice…but we’ll try. Sunday we went to the Davis’s for a Super bowl party…Man did I eat some junk, but it didn’t bump my weight to much. Kevin was great this weekend, up to a Uno game Sunday night, he lost and nearly tossed away a whole good weekend he was so bad, he was probably tired.
The new House was good, I nearly busted a gut when they showed Wilson’s new Girlfriend.