Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Tales of Yesteryear XXIV

The King cast his steely gaze at Timuns “Who in the bloody blazes is this ‘Third Estate” you keep babbling about?”..... Timuns brain cried “the third estate is everything” but the memory of being nearly killed by queen enfeebled his mind, all he could do is stare on in fear.

Tales of Yesteryear XXIII

After explaining his belief in the “Social Contract” and the validity of the works of Locke.... the Queen, with the speed of a leopard, leapt at him and began to strangle young Timuns right in front of the chuckling Prime Minister.

Tales of Yesteryear XXII

The VanGloom sisters were convinced, barring a early spring, no one would find Gertrude’s body.

Tales of Yesteryear XXI

"Sure...." Thought Gunter "I could have spent a little bit more time on the hands." but he was sure that his "StahlTodtwagon" would finally keep the neighbors kids in their own damn yard.

Tales of Yesteryear XX

If Lil Ash knew one thing....It was the only way to beat beltway traffic was her broom.