Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alittle help from friends....

Mike and Tracey put out a call for some help and a whole crowd of hard workers answered.

They were treated to a free lunch for their efforts

And as I said before, they house has a great view, over looking the green in Newcastle, right in the heart of the historic district.

The strange case of the Boxwinder Staircase...

During my friends move, he had decided that he wanted a boxspring on the 3rd floor, the issue is there is only a box winder staircase going up

Try as we might, the boxspring wouldn't go ( 2nd picture)

our answer was to saw the supports and ram it up the boxwinder

A Day in Historic New Castle

My friends moved into a great new home in New castle...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007…..

“Presents as far as the eye can see!!” is how my 7 year old said it as he came running back up stairs to report on what awaited downstairs. He and his brother made out like bandits. We spent the morning at the house, just us, my wife and two children, and that was fun. I was a little peeved at the amount of toys that didn’t work, but hey….it was Christmas. Kevin really got into his new games for gameboy and Owen was just into it.
We went up to Uncle Dave’s for Christmas Lunch and I had a Great time!!! Cookies, Christmas sandwichs ( which are always better then normal sandwich’s cause they are made with….love” and Kathy had her Christmas soup. The kids got more gifts and we had a chance to joke around with friends.
We went up to Kathy’s parents for Christmas dinner….Which was Awesome!!! And the kids got even more gifts. Through it all the children were well behaved, Owen was fussy here and there but for the most part he was all crawling and smiles. Kevin was a good boy to, he played well with Camo’s kids and was in general well behaved and seemed to have a blast.
We all struggled back to the house around 8:30 – 9:00 and Owen went off to bed. Now on Christmas eve Owen had a rough night, he woke up every 45 minutes absolutely having a fit, I finally had to walk him around on my shoulder to get him back to sleep, he would not be rocked or lay flat ….it was the same Christmas night, and it wasn’t till 2:30 that he finally slept till morning.
Kevin relaxed a bit, we opened some of his new toys and I put together a Bioncle for him. He watched some tv then we went up to read some “Hobbit” as he drifted off ( Bilbo got caught by some trolls…Eh Ghad!!).
Im back to work in the morning but Kathy has off.

Monday, December 17, 2007

New Blog....

I started a new blog this weekend to track all the different Living History impressions I do. I was sort of a blast to see some of the old pictures. I have a ton of me doing CW, that’s because Kathy took them, I never take photos and when I do they are always of other people. I was able to put out a call to some Friends who happen to have some shots with me in them. It was great to see the ECW picture with Kent, tom and I. Take a look at the site at….

Monday, December 10, 2007


Well one of 2007 last few weekends has past, I attended a work Christmas party on Saturday night and on Sunday we lost power for a while. The Kids and Kathy went up to her parents as we had no heat or power. When the electric came back on it was on in off for about a hour till finally it was stable. I cleaned up the book shelf from Granny’s house and moved it to the basement to hold more Miniatures.
I got a few things to get done today so the fun just keeps going on and on. Hopefully Kevin will be good at school, today is report card day.

Friday, December 07, 2007


More M&M stuff

Magic Armor:
Would take the form of…
Gorgets: imbued by Smiths, Alchemists and Mages and worn by all officers, Some may also have special properties. The Average Gorget grants 1 armor to the wearer.

Medicine Bags: Medicine bags can be imbued by a shaman to do many things, one of those is protection. The strength of the Spirit magic depends on many factors but it is safe to assume that a Medicine bag will grant at least 2 Armor. However the effect is not permanent and uslay dissipates over time

Rings and Bracelets: Always of Silver, are the way that Wichians and Wizerians grant protections. These Natural magic’s are permanent, however they are uselay not as encompassing as Spirit or Arcane protections, protecting only a portion of the body.


With the introduction of Regimental Magicians into the army by the Duke of Marlborough at the turn of the century, ways had to be found to counter the magical effects of these powerful wielders. It was the Alchemists of Frederick the great that first produced the “Null Bomb”, A small bag of ingredients then when burst, creates a momentary, localized interruption to magical forces. The effect last a brief time, but often gives enough time for a marksmen to end the Mages life. Wichian’s and Wizerians were soon able to duplicate this effects using natural herbs and these played a decisive roll in the French and Indian War.

Magic Weapons/ Magic Ammo
Smiths of Europe have long been able to craft magic weapons, Swords, Halberds and Spontons are often prize possession of the wealthy officers. The gunsmiths of Pennsylvania are renowned for their Rifles, each one a work of art and tailored to its owner, their art is rumored to surpass even that of the German Smiths. Alchemists make a good trade with Musket balls that fly truer or further or powder that increases the hitting ability of the ball.

Arcane users, Mages, Smiths and Alchemists can not use the Healing energies, this is the Realm of Holy, Spirit or Natural Magic’s. Devine magic is often considered the greatest of healing magic. Shamans have been known to heal some diseases that Devine wielders could not but is not a powerful as divine. Natural wielders are known for the ability to heal light injuries or illnesses but can only temporarily forestall the effects of major wounds and illness.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Lat night we had a snow fall, maybe 3 to 4 inches, no big deal, the first of the year. I have loved snow all my life, I don’t know why, I used to hate it when we would have to go to school while the snow melted or I bore a grudge against salt and sand trucks for making the beautiful white landscape look like a grungy mess. I still remember going out into the snow at night time and staying out for ever, it never snowed to hard for us to be outside.
Once, when I was probably 15 or 16, I remember, at the height of a blizzard, me and my friends trudging up frozen Whiteclay creek at night all the way to Possum park shopping center. Our scarves froze like masks on our faces. It was great.
Snow at night I remember to, the sound it made on the tree branches, how invisible it was until it was caught by light. It seems crazy for young kids to be out in the snow like we were but truth is I never remember being cold.We use to build huge snow forts, Snow men and other frozen field works, only to have them melt in the days that follow I don’t know If I have that same love for snow now that Im a adult ( age wise at least) but I still do like to see it snow

Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy Weekend…

Well I was able to get up to Reenactor fest III in G-burg this weekend. I got up there early and cruised around the battlefield as it has been a while since I had been there. Things have changed up there, allot of tree clearing, its allot easier to get to the Bliss Farm now for Long Ave and Devils den is cleared. In my opinion, there is no better time to be at a historical site then at Dawn or shortly after, and Saturday was a brilliant fall morning. The Fest itself was a fun time, I helped Matt at his table, I did 1882 Blackwatch, he did Boer War. I saw allot of old faces and ended up chatting for awhile. It always amazes me the level of knowledge that some reenactors achieve in their area of expertise…I.E. there was this guy up there with a table set up, his impression is that of a Paruker ( A guy who styles wigs) and the amount of knowledge he had and the way he presented himself was amazing. There were a group of kids ( about 18-22 years old) doing Pirates…I have to say I was impressed by them as they seemed to have gone out of their way to dress the part, no store bought Ren-faire crap. We had a good dinner and spent some time talking about old times, then I cruised home.

I also went up to my Grandparents on Sunday to see if there was anything I wanted. It was sad in a way, as A boy I had loved that house, Allot of memories are there. The fire place, the floor where I had played with antique soldiers for hours on end, the bed were I had slept when we went over, That place holds a heck of allot of great memories. I am going to grab some stuff tonight, So I will go back up.

Friday, November 30, 2007

M&M Idea's

( Just a Parking lot for some Ideas I am having)

A brief Description of the Towne of Tinkerton along the banks of the Chicopee River in the Colony of Massachusetts, in the year of our lord 1775.

Founded in 1650, it was the site of a mill and cider press built by William Tinkerton. A small village grew once Tinkerton bridge was constructed, the served the local farming communities. Raided several times by Indians during the early 1700’s A small Block house was constructed for its protection.

The Village:

The Village itself, is nestled around the common, one’s attention is first drawn to the Stone church that sits to the north of the Common, A sturdy stone church whose steeple contains a fine bell brought all the way from England. It is between the Church and the lush grass of the Common that the West Road run’s, to the East, the bridge and the Farms beyond, to the West The Connecticut River and the settlements there.

Along the Eastern edge of the green reside several businesses, First, nearest the bridge, is the Smithy of John Fullerton, Next to that is the Shoppe of Messer Charles Atwater, dealing in Cloth and other clothing related sundries.
Next to Atwater’s shoppe is by far one of the largest structures in town, Jessop’s Tavern, founded in 1702 this large structure acts not only as a public house and Inn, but also contains a Dry Goods and trading post. Run now by Henry Jessop and his extensive family, the Inn produces some of its own drink and is known for its fine meals

Basic Careers


Advanced Career’s
Minute man
Minute man
Highway man
Master Smith
Master musician
Gentleman Farmer
Road Warden
Indian Fighter
Minute man

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Arrival of the Raven.

(This is sort a "mood" story for something I have been thinking about called " Muskets and Magic" Basicly colonial America with a twist.)

The fog hung thick over Boston Harbor as the carriage carrying Sir Thomas Gage, the British Military Governor of His Majesties North American Colonies came to a halt. The gray mist cast the entire area with a sense of doom, A eerie silence that was caused and amplified by it added to Gage’s increasing feeling of unease.
He pulled his finally tailored cloak tightly around himself as he step onto the cobbled road leading a short way to the pier…the specific pier he was told to be at, at the exact time. A young Captain, Seconded from the 17th Light Dragoons to act as his aide, followed closely behind him as he walked slowly towards it.
Even the lap of the water against the Dock pilings radiated foreboding. Boston was one of the Colonies largest cities, but here, on this pier, you would have thought that he and his aide were the only people on earth. The hollow foot falls of their well made boots sounded like a coffin maker’s hammer nailing the final Pin into the lid of their coffin.
The two men reached the end of the dock and cast their eyes into the hazy gloom. After a moment, as if to relieve his own tension, The captain spoke. “ Really sir…” He stated “ You are a General of His Majesties army…and Military Governor to boot, This sort of thing seems wholly beneath you” he could barely conceal the apprehension in his voice. Gage paused a moment, looking towards the harbor but seeing nothing “Oh I quite agree Mappleton…but his Majesty demands our obedience in such subjects and we are obliged to obey…” and as if a after thought “ and so we shall”. Mapleton in his Dragoon helmet, its red haired plume standing in contrast to the Smokey gray surroundings, glanced about, The General, in his Gold Trimmed Tricorn from one of London’s finest tailors strained his neck peering into the impenetrable blanket that had descended over the harbor.
It was Mappleton’s surprised gasp, precisely as the church bells rang out Six AM that drew the General’s attention. He to was shocked, but comported himself better then the young captain, as the prow of a ship sliced through the fog like a knife through warm butter. With out so much as a sound the ship seemed to slip into being as it floated silently to the dock. On its deck, Its sailors stood as if working under the gaze of the Devil himself.
It was a 20 gun Frigate called HMS Raven, a old but serviceable vessel, that had until 4 days ago, been tied to a dock in the Thames. Normally a journey over the Atlantic to Boston could take three months…HMS Raven had made it in 4 days and the crew, including the officers gathered on the bridge looked terrified.
Gage took a step back involuntarily as he watched ropes from the raven, alive like snakes, slither from their neat coils, descend the side of the ship, a cross the water and up to the mooring cleats. So strong were these things that together the pulled the considerable vessel towards the dock.
“ Saints preserve us” Mappleton muttered from behind Gage “ Steady on Mappleton…” Gage said finding his resolve “ This is the Kings High Magic”. He did not turn to see the pale expression on the Captains face as he muttered “ indeed”.
Like a great beast unrolling its tongue, a gangway descended from the Raven without so much a sound. The Tars on deck seemed to drift away from it, finding tasks to do at the furthest points from it or the main hold cover, several crossed themselves.
It was at that moment the air seemed to go perfectly still, the fog seemed to clear between Gage and the vessel as if by command as three men slowly rose up through the hatch. It was as if they were floating, carried by a wind as their long leather coach coats ( embroidered with the Royal coat of arms) fluttered around them. Each man wore a Tricornered hat (of a fashion popular 30 years ago) that cast their face in shadow. These figures, like aberrations, floated across the deck and down the gangway towards the Governor and his aide. Gage, A man who had see war at its worst, found himself unconsciously giving ground to these men as they settled on the dock before them.
“General Gage?” hissed the figure in the middle, his accent that of the English north and barely concealing a common up bringing. “ At your service sir” Gage answered surveying the three men. As if he was stepping into a light, the shadow slid from the mans face revealing his visage. His nose was thin and had obviously been broken in his youth, his skin was pale and bore the marks of smallpoxs, his teeth, that showed from his mouth that seemed to naturally hang half open, were chiped and lacked any uniformity and the mans eyes, those soulless orbs, were the color of the void.
“ I am Inquisitor Linus Cravel of the Royal Arcanium…” there was a sneer in a voice, a subconscious gloating of a man who enjoyed lording over Lords “ I trust the preparations requested in my message have been seen to”. “ Yes Inquisitor…All is in order. I believe…” he started but Cravel’s hand shot up seemingly producing a gilded Envelope from Thin Air “ I have your instructions ?” Cravel finished Gage’s sentence as he handed him the envelope.
Merrily by examining the exterior Gage was taken aback by the Authority behind it. Transfixed on it’s fine parchment were the seals of King George III, The Prime Minister, Lord North and The amazing seal of Lord Escher, the Grand Magi of the British Isles and head of Royal Arcanum. It was Eschers seal that amazed gage, light seemed to flow through it raised lines, St George and Dragon, located over a Pentagram, seemed to engage in combat before his eyes.
“ I trust you’ll find everything in order….” Cravel spat with disdain “My Lord”. All Gage could do was nod as minutes later he was following the men to his coach, still cognizant that he had not been introduced, nor even new the description of the Inquisitor’s two companions.
As the Coach made its way through boston, heading towards the Massachusetts countryside and the home Gage had confiscated for the Arcanum’s use, The General broke open the seals and read the orders there in, a deep feeling of dread growing inside.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dr Tong’s House of 3d Vomitt Part II

Well, after being thrown up on several times the odds finally caught up with me. On Sunday night I caught the Stomach Thingy. I was up every 15 minutes, The good news is I manage to loss 6 pounds, the bad new is, it sucked.

We thought Owen might be ready for Milk based formula again on Sunday…he wasn’t. Kevin on the other hand managed to recover kind of quickly from the whole affair and is back to his normal diet now.

I listened to the Unabridged version of “1776” while I was sick, wow it rocked. Its hard to believe just how tough things were for us back then and just how much George Washington deserves a huge Monument.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dr. Tong’s House of 3D Vomit…

It all started Tuesday, when my 7 month old Owen decided that he was going to shower his daddy in baby barf. He had caught a stomach bug and was a little fountain of throw up ever since. Last night, my oldest, Kevin decided to get in on the action as not to be out done by his brother and has been a one man Vomitorium ever since.
Oh the joys of parenting. Owen hasn’t thrown up in a wild since we started the Soy formula and clear liquids, however he was up and crying every time his brother got sick..YIKES!!!

This just add’s to are already spectacular fall, truth be known, it could be allot worse, but it also could be allot better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Son...

We were driving through Newark on Sunday, my son and I and we happened to see a group of about 30 college kids walking down Main street together. Some were carrying garbage bags so I assumed they may have been cleaning the along a road some place as a Frat project or something. I told my son “ Hey look…it could be a Parade” there was a pause, then he answered “ Or a Angry Mob”

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have really fallen asleep behind the ol blog wheel here. Im forcing myself to put something in this so pardon me if it rambles. I am apparently speaking to no one so…Tough’n up cream puff!!! You’ll read what I type and you’ll like it!!!

My TV viewing is about the same, Monday, It’s Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman ( I try to go to bed…but this show just traps me). Tuesday’s it House, Thursday’s Earl, The Office and Scrubs. The rest of the time its just surfn I guess

My eldest soon has had a time at school, the last two weeks he has been acting up and getting unsatisfactory reports. I think he may be coming around though…I hope he is. He has his physical evaluation today to see if he needs any help with finer motor skills.

My youngest is doing fine, he has had a bit of a cough since the beginning of September but we have been to the Doctors and she says its nothing. He is still bald ( IMHO) and still doesn’t have eyebrows ( People try to tell me that he does but they are light).

I attended my first reenactment in a year 2 weeks ago, it was fun to get out again, I had issues with the event but all and all I had a good time.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A mid week update…..

First thing, last weekend I attended the GWA fall event in Newville. It was my second event as Company Commander and was a so so time. I really enjoyed seeing how far the BEF/ Commonwealth company has come, they looked great and for the most part had a terrific time. My Group, the Buffs, didn’t have a good time during the day and that seriously bummed me out, but once we cleared up communications I think everything turned around. I didn’t enjoy it as much due to the fact that I spent so much time filling out paper work and managing things….I do that at work.

My oldest son hasn’t been behaving well at school, we have been trying to get him back into line, the last two nights he has been sent to his room. Don’t know why all the sudden he is acting up but hopefully we can get him back to his normal good boy self.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween???

I woke my 6 year old today, and he practically sprang out of bed, from being asleep to wide awake and smiling in 0.23 seconds ( I’m on the phone with Guinness now to see if it’s a new record) as I handed him his socks he turned to me and said “ Happy Halloween Daddy” with all the wide eyed wonder and excitement one would expect from Christmas. He then ran to the bathroom, stopping to tell his mother the same thing, and leaving precise instructions that mother pass on this greeting to his still slumbering brother when he wakes up.
The lad couldn’t wait to climb into his Darth Vader costume to go to school, I think If I had let him, he would have worn the mask while eating his breakfast. Mom had decided that he would not take his Gloves and cape to school but he would don the full Sith regalia this evening during Trick or Treat, he took it ok.
It was nice to see him so excited for a holiday….but it got me wondering.


“The modern holiday of Halloween has its origins in the ancient Gaelic festival known as Samhain (pronounced /ˈsˠaunʲ/ from the Old Irish samain). The Festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is erroneously[3] regarded as 'The Celtic New Year'.[2] Traditionally, the festival was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. The Ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, where the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.[4][5] When the Romans occupied Celtic territory, several Roman traditions were also incorporated into the festivals. Feralia, a day celebrated in late October by the Romans for the passing of the dead as well as a festival which celebrated the Roman Goddess Pomona, the goddess of fruit were incorporated into the celebrations. The symbol of Pomona was an apple, which is a proposed origin for the tradition of bobbing for apples on Halloween”

So I thought about this, and again we see the early church adopting Pagan rituals to pull them into the ever loving embrace of The Church.

To Clarify….The scene is a early Gael and a early Christian priest talking

Gael: This is our festival of Samhain, it celbrates the end of the harvest etc etc.

Priest: Um…Wow!! We have one of those to, and it happens to be today as well, Imagine that, all of this under one roof.

Gael: Really?
Priest: Why yes…we are practically the same religion….say why don’t we trim the fat, stream line operations and downsize abit and bring it all under one roof brother?

Gael: um…

Priest: Sure, bring your decorated fur tree’s and Sam…whats ya call its and bring it in house. Now pass the collection plate my friend.

Pretty clever huh? These early fellas put bank mergers to shame, they merged religions.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two's day

Well they released my father yesterday, not really sure if they resolved anything but they sent him home. My eldest son Kevin got a referral to be evaluated for his fine motor skills, I think we’ll try to take him to Christiana, I wish we had gotten a referral for A.I. but oh well. My wife is on big old antibiotics for her throat and cold and today is the Halloween parade at my youngest’s school.

I still have allot of packing to do for the weekend. I have to get some stuff to John at the store to take to NOLA, boy I hope to get it all done.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Weekend Update…….

Its been a so-so weekend, my father is in the Hospital, apparently he is anemic and they had to give him blood, they are good to look for a Ulcer today and see if that is causing it. My wife is under the weather, Sure throat, fever, she is going to try to get to the Doctor. And Owen is still coughing and Dax’s is Still Limping…I know things could be a lot worse.

Our Furniture we ordered a few months ago is in, We have to make arrangements to have it delivered but at least we know its here.

I got a chance to see Eragon this weekend, it didn’t suck, to tell you the truth I sort of had the same feeling I used to have when I watched my old Fantasy films like Fugitive from the Empire or the Magna Opus “ Death Stalker” series, not to mention “The Sword and the Sorcerer”. It was a fun film, not to badly done, I was pretty darn impressed by the Talent they had in it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back in the olde Day’s

Back in the olde Day’s

On the way to soccer yesterday my eldest son and I were talking about buying lunch from the school cafeteria.
When I was a kid, I bought lunch everyday, my parents would give me money to go to the office to purchase my “Lunch Card” that had the numbers 1 thru 5 on it and each day the lunch lady would punch out a number as I got my lunch.
I went to Medill Elementary school and our cafeteria not only was the auditorium but also could have doubled for a gym. I remember the milk machines and the plastic cups we had to use. The conversation turned to things I liked from the Cafeteria, I loved the Rice ( served with a ice cream scooper) with gravy and also the Hamburgers. In Middle school the rave was Friday Pizza burger, a pizza made on a hamburger bun.
We also talked about how we in school used to barter or lunches with one another. I would always trade my Jello to my friend whose mom made him Lebanon Bologna sandwiches…which he couldn’t stand and I happened to love. Lunch became like a arab market, kids bartering away eatables to each other in a heated exchange.
One thing I loved in school, that I never loved at any other time, was the tomato soup. I hate tomato soup, but for some reason I loved the schools…maybe it was the mind control drugs they were slipping in.
Things change as school progressed, in high school, after the riots of my Sophomore year, we lost the rights to plastic trays and silverware and had to get our lunches in flimsy Styrofoam trays and plastic silverware. The had Hamburgers everyday as a Alternative ( in Elementary school it was PBnJ as a Alternative) and the lunches seemed to loss there taste.
Milk would no longer be retrieved from the stainless steel milk machine, but purchased in the now familiar carton ( Which, when punctured by a fork and squeezed, shot milk like 100 feet). I remember a friend getting two days detention because he dared to pioneer that theory.
As for my son, The school happened to chose the two things that he loves to be served on two consecutive days, chicken nuggets and hot dogs…he was in heaven…but now he is back to the old staple, the Jelly sandwich.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No One reads my blog….

I remember once….a long time ago, someone wrote me a comment about one of my posts. “Wow!” I thought “ I viewer ship of 1!!!” that’s like…1 more then I expected. Well, sadly it seems my one reader apparently has left for someone else’s boring blog…Oh those Fickle Readers, A pox upon you all.

To say that no one reads my blog would probably be wrong, after all my Wife reads my blog ( Hiya ), so I’ll have to stop writing about all my hot dates with Jennifer Connelly or writing about my Week long Poker games in Vegas ( we who are in the know simply call it “Vegas”).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning….

Nothing hurts so sublimely as Monday morning, the thought that 5 full days of work lay before you Everest before the mountain climber.

We had a OK weekend, Owen has a new routine, wakes up around Midnight, then wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30. I thank the gods that be that he went back to sleep after I gave him his Pacifier at 4:30….That is the suckest time in the world to be woken up.

Kevin had his Soccer game on Saturday morning….At 9:00 frick’n AM!!!! ( who picks these times!!) and was mostly a good boy all weekend. He and I cleaned the floors down stairs while Mommy was out and Owen was asleep ( Or supervising from his swing) so we accomplished something though it was hurried to get it done before the young Master got grumpy.

WWI is only a couple weeks away, spoke to a few people this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. Now if I fit into my Uniform is a different question.

UPDATE: The Operation for our dog, to repair her knee is going to be allot more expensive the originally thought.

QUESTION: Does anyone besides my Wife and I read this blog???

Friday, October 19, 2007

And now the Dog….

Well I took the dog into the Vet yesterday, she had been favoring her back left leg and we thought, since she is a Lab/ Shepard mix that it was Her hip. Well the good news is it isn’t, the bad news is she has a torn ligament.
I had heard a click when she ran and the DR felt it in her knee so we were given some options. A, go home with some anti inflamatories and hope it gets better, the minus’s against her being that she is a big dog and that she would be putting all weight on her other leg Or B she can have a operation to repair the knee.
The Operation isn’t cheap…its very expensive…but I think I would rather have her Pass on the operating table in a attempt to relieve her pain then watch her limp around for the remainder of her life.
So here we are…Its been a eventful last couple of months.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More then meets the eye!!

I scored some daddy points yesterday by remembering to pick up Transformers on the way home. Kevin was very excited, but we couldn’t watch it until after Soccer and and his shower. When that was done he watched about 40 minutes of the movie then went up to bed.

Halo 3 Clix

I picked up my brick of Halo 3 clix, all and all I have to say the WIZ Kids does allot better job with their miniatures then Wizards of the Coast does…my only real issue is that they are a little to big to use with 28mm. The animation of some of the pieces is great…and lets face it, you can never have to many Master Chiefs.

Postal Strike in UK

I picked up some pre-painted miniatures off of ebay, really nice paint jobs, good price, only to be told that the UK is currently under a Postal Strike so I will have to wait to receive them. That’s ok though, not like Im going to be using them tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh My!!

Sorry ya’ll, no posts in a while, been a little busy/lazy. Owen is not having a good month…Still…I think he may be teething now and that may be giving ear trouble…poor little guy. Kevin is in school and playing soccer, He is a super big help with his brother and is a good sport most of the time. I felt bad yesterday because I got into a bad mood because of Owen’s fussiness that I think I may have taken out on him a little. I try not to but sometimes I am a bit short with him…I’ll do better.
The GWA event is around the corner, Im looking forward to that, Seeing the guys ought to be a blast.
I left DDO, Im officially MMORPGless, sad but DDO isn’t really solo friendly and I don’t have the Time to put into it ( A least large block of time) that I once did. I have been looking for a new game to play….I bought MOH Airborne but have had all sorts of issues with it so Im not playing


Now I played Halo, liked it, but as with all 1st person shooters I cant hang that long without feeling sick. I loved the world and love Red Vs Blue…a couple of weeks ago I stumbled into the the live action stuff they have been doing for Halo 3 and have to say OMFG!!! Wow!!! I could watch that all day. I watched some of the other stuff the director did “Live from Joberg” and some others and he is awesome. Even the the one they did about the Vet in the Museum was great. Well done guys…well Done indeed!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well…Today Kevin had to wear his new School uniform, Grey pants, Maroon school shirt and black, laced shoes…He doesn’t know how to tie them yet and if I can remember right, I had a issue learning to tie Shoes. He has managed to scrape his knee or bang up his legs near about everyday this week.

Now Owen….has had Croup which turned into a Lower respiratory infection which has now become a Ear infection and he had his shots yesterday. It hasn’t seemed to dampened the little guys spirits at all. Last night he pass out around 6:00 which is early for him, and we knew the night was going to be tough…but the little guy woke up at 12:00 I fedd him, he tossed and turned for a few minutes then slept till morning.

Kevin has Soccer tonight, but no game on Saturday.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The End of the Week….

Well here it is, Friday and it looks like Saturday is going to be very busy. Soccer Pictures, Soccer, Birthday party, Im sure my head will explode trying to keep it all straight. I can’t contemplate what it is going to be like when two boys are doing stuff.

Three friends stopped over Wednesday to pick up and borrow some re-enacting gear. It was great to see them. They are doing Marietta manor this weekend, ( a great place ) and kept asking me to go. My WWII unit will be there as well and ol Jim Marcum was telling me I should go, but I can’t…just to busy.

Went to the Doctors again yesterday and he gave me the green light and said I should eventually be able to bend it all the way ( can’t make a fist….so I have had to use Judo Chops when Combating Evil Ninjas and Sinister Frogmen ).

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weekend…..

Well, we may actually be returning to some level of Normal. We had Soccer on Saturday, Kevin and I went in to Bilbo’s Birthday party ( BTW Kevin won a door prize :o) and I went out and saw a movie with Kyle.

We went and saw Resident Evil: Extinction. First off, if your looking for frick’n hamlet you obviously need your head examined for going to this film…However…If your looking for a fun Zombie film, then this one fits the bill. At one point, when Milla discovered all the Milla clones, I couldn’t help but think… “my god this could be the perfect movie…Milla kissing Milla” but Alias it didn’t happen…That’s what sequels are for. See this film and have a fun time.

On Sunday I drove around and took a couple of shots of my Truck, Owen was over Mom-Mom S’s and Kevin and Kathy were at the Children’s mass so I treated my self tp breakfast and a drive. I thought my CD player and Stereo were messed up ( and they were) when I went to put my first CD in, It reset all my stations and I kept getting “Mech Error” but it corrected itself ( still had to reset my stations) latter when I got home…it ejected the disk and pulled it back in and everything seems to be OK now.

Also…Found out that the “Flames of War” main warehouse is just around the corner from me literlly…wow! “FOW” is a WWII rules set for 15mm Miniatures.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A New Car!!!!....

As they used to say on “the Price is Right”. Last night I bought a 2007 Honda Ridgeline. It has everything I want….except the gas mileage, Oh well. At least I now have a car that isn’t a Rental ( Yeach!!!). Going to try to set my radio stations and the likes during lunch. Its sort of like having a robotic version of my wife, as the doors automatically Lock when it starts to move.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Forgotten? ….

Heck no, I have been really busy trying to buy a new Vehicle since they Totaled my Jeep. The sooner the better, I am driving a car for the first time in forever. I am looking at Honda products, truth be known I would have preferred a VW but the damn Tourag is just to damn expensive. I am leaning towards the Honda Ridgline, that’s what I want, however I feel guilty about the gas mileage and may test ride the new CRV. I sat in one and it seemed pretty tight for big guys but I’ll give it a go.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Heaven on Earth…

You may know it as Cabella’s…it rest on a Hilltop outside Hamburg PA and draws the tired traveler like flys to molasses. It is huge, inside are Mountains…and bears….and mountain bears and guns…and tents and everything.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Hospital……

If there is one thing I understand in the world and truly sympathize with, that’s a Hospitals ER. You could say I’ve been raised in them…because I have…My mother has been a Emergency room nurse all her life so I do understand.

I got into the ER around 5:30, I felt bad about having to have guys push me in on a stretcher, but hey…they said it makes them look good. They took down some basic info then they sent me on the Fast Track room. I waited in the hallway outside the fast track room a couple of hours, then I was allowed to enter.
The first question was “ Have you been X-rayed?” my response was “ Why no I haven’t” then that fellow disappeared. About a hour latter a girl popped in and ask “ Have you been to X-ray??” I replied “Why no I haven’t” and she vanished. 15 minutes latter a different woman appeared….attempting to anticipate the question I asked “ Are you going to ask me if I have been to X-ray?”, the Woman’s face went blank as she answered “ No…I am going to take you to X-ray” So off we went.
X-ray was fun, I got to stand in a room full of super huge radiation machines and chat with the X-ray staff, who upon hearing what had happened to my finger, exclaimed “ Shut Up!!!” I thought that was hysterical. After my time there I was sent back to my little curtained room.
The very first fellow I had meet came back in….Announced a bunch of nothing conclusive and said he sew up my finger ( Keep in mind my left arm had been totally forgotten about). The suturing went alright and when complete he vanished….apparently nurses would handle the bandaging. I waited forever but then the two nurses came in. I became a complex puzzle for them as they tried to figure out what splint to use but finally I was splinted and ready to go.
At this point I was no longer concerned about my left arm and the objects that could be in it so I took the given chance to escape. After I filled out my paperwork….I wonder out into the night air….and freedom.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Trip to the ER

Well....It all started like this, I was on my way home, I usaly go through a park on my way to pick up my youngest son ( I like the chance to relax)...well the one park roads was closed so I turned down a road that I know rather well. I was going about 35 mph through a S turn when my cars rear went out, when I recovered I was heading into the left lane at a on coming car, I pulled hard Right and Flipped my Jeep right up on its side. I did manage ( to my great relief) to miss the other car. My driver side window shattered and that where I got the left arm cuts, I had put down my arm to stop my head from going down. My finger was injured getting out of the Jeep ( By far the funniest story...I'll have to tell in person).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avatar : The Last Air Bender…

Avatar : The Last Air Bender…

Ok Ok Ok, it a cartoon, its on Nick and its American made I know, I know… But trust me, its good stuff. My older son and I watch it, I think I liked it more at first, but now he likes it to. Good action, Great Story, Super animation with some humor, it’s a winner all around.

I think my son and I both think “ That Lemur is a Earth Bender” to be one of the funniest lines in the show…that and when Sakka was trying to name the group “ Boomerang….Its got Ang in it”. I think Toph has some of the greatest lines in the show. She is a Earth bender ( the World’s greatest…according to her) but she is blind. Once, when the group plunges underground to get beneath a giant drilling machine, in the darkness, Saka proclaims to the effect “ Its so dark I cant see anything” and Toph retorts sarcastically “ Oh no! how terrible”.
The show is going into its third season starting in a couple of weeks, I hope it stays as good as it has been.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Weekend…

We headed out to Kevin’s first game of the season. He did great, as did the other kids. I was asked to coach, it was pretty humid and hot but it was fun. We watched the end of the Avatar season, and that Rocked. I dropped off some Miniatures to be painted and stopped off at Shorty to pick up some stuff for this weekend. Its as humid as it can be with us being submerged. We have a busy week, Kathy has a school meeting tonight, Soccer tomorrow and this that and the other thing. Well off we go, sound the bugle and let us advance on the week ahead….Tallyho

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday!!!!..... Freyja’s day

Friday, named after Freyja, the goddess of beauty… now that’s appropriate because Friday is a beautiful thing. We have a soccer game planned for tomorrow but besides that I think we are clear. I am trying to get things together for Threads, Ordered my new Aug a1 in hopes of getting it by the game, I have my M-4 but my other rifles ( although good) don’t allow me a ease of operation and I need a "badguy" weapon.

Well that’s it I guess

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thor’s Day….

Yep, it’s the day before Friday, the one named after the god of Lightning, That means one more day until the weekend. Thread’s is next weekend so I had better get on the ball and make my Hotel reservation. FFG is releasing Ragnorak, a new alternate WWII ( In reality WWI never ended) game, I can’t wait to take a look. FFG is also got plans for a Dust Game, Dust is a alternate WWII world designed by Palo Parente. Oh well…back to work.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Ok, last night was not the best night, My youngest decided that he and the baby gnomes would strike up a conversation at about 4:00 AM. It was crying, It was him just yammering away…with the Baby Gnomes. I go in and he is side ways in the crib, bumper laying across his body and wearing his blanket like a turban. He looks up at me with a smile like he is saying “ Woooo Pops!! I didn’t know the gnomes invited you!!! Welcome to the party!”

Needless to say I’m a little tired.

My Oldest had soccer last night, he did great, although I worry that he has my balance issues. Anyway…back to the grind.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Labor Day Weekend….

Well, I guess the obvious thing is that Tuesday is Monday this week…or it remains Tuesday but acts as a defacto Monday…sort of a sad little excuse for a Monday but on this and several other occasions it must sit in as Monday. Sort of like Chaney when Bush goes in to get a Colonoscopy.
Over the Weekend I help out my friend with his Larp, Doc Savage, which is cool because I love the Pulp Genre. I had a good time, there were some things that needed some work, but it didn’t inhibit my fun at all, and my fun is what matters ( Me, me, me, me).
It was a relaxing weekend with great weather, We went up to the park and I rode bikes with my son…Kathy and Owen came along as well. All in all in was a good weekend.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Woot!!! Wootie woot woot!!! ::::runs in circles::::: ( The guy from the old 7-up commercials pops up and says…) “IT’s A THREE DAY WEEKEND HAHAHAHA”

(Sound track…Burning Bridges … Song by the Mike Curb Congregation)

Labor day proves there is a god.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fixing a Mailbox….

Now to most people, installing a new Mailbow would not be a chore…but they aren’t me. It is first important to understand the reason why I must replace this Mailbox…for the third time…Kids drive by our house and use it as batting practice. Yes it does warm my heart to think that one day a great homerun hitter will owe his success to my Mailbox…but it is aggravating. So I set out to purchase a Mailbox, ours was a nice deep hunter green, well apparently ( according to Lowes) People only use white and black now…so I chose the black.

On removing the old box…..

Well I went down to the old box with Drill in hand….Zip Zip Zip the screws began to come out “could it be this easy” I thought as I got to the last screw. No…it wasn’t gone to be that easy as for some unknown reason the last screw refused to come out. I grabbed a hand screw driver, nothing…I grabbed the famous Gerber Multi-tool that has never seen defeat ( do you know that the plier head of the Gerber multi-tool is a perfect fit in a M1 gas plug…its true) but then again…it had never meet this Screw. Finally I had to pry the screw from the wood block and at last….the old box was free to be put to rest.

On Installing the New Box…..

Again it would seem a simple matter…But then its me we are talking about. First screws go in fine but then I notice what I have been dreading…My drill runs out of power. Not to fear, I have a spare power pack….that is also found to be without power. So I try to use the Hand screwdriver and realize. where as it looks like wood, it is obviously rock. So I plug in the charger and wait. So, in the dark now, I manage to finally secure my new mailbox and join the great hero’s of Yore in conquering the un conquerable…Hail Me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here I am, Its Tuesday….woot! ( Said without enthusiasm). I am still can’t believe Wizards is putting out D&D 4.0…in my mind that means they have messed up 4 times. Ugg I know they have to keep selling books but my good!!! Didn’t they release 3.5 last week….oh wait, Im old, that’s right.

I am still looking to pick up the new WHFRP, we had a huge game of it back in the day, one of those legendary campaigns that most gamers sit with old friends and talk for hours about. I loved the system, It has to be good for me to pick it up…nice and simple.

Geeks of the world unite.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Weekend

One word….HOT…I mean super hot. On Saturday my Son and I went up to Brandywine State park to see a Revolutionary War re-enactment ( The Battle of Cooche’s Bridge) We got there around 10:00 and it was burning hot and left a little after noon. He had fun and we got a chance to talk to a friend who was participating. It sure reminded me of the days we spent in VA in August reenacting Bull-run. Watching the battle sure made me miss reenacting.
Ran into DOKs on Sunday looking for a book, they had it, but when I picked it up the Spine was damaged so I’ll have to wait. School starts for Kevin next week, he’ll be a big 1st grader…WOOT!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Flight of the Conchords…Question

I have become a fan of this show, I love the way they have the Australia and New Zealand rivalry. Murray’s office with the fake paneling and all just crack me up.

It got me wondering, Why “New” Zealand? Was there a Old Zealand? So I went to the source of all knowledge…that’s right…Wikipedia, and found out that there is in fact a Zealand. Zealand is one of the largest islands in Denmark…so how about that!! Now if one has anything to do with other…I can only assume so. Oh and yes….New Zealand is where they filmed Lord of the Rings ( get your posters at the Consulate)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things my Children will never know…..

How to stack LP’s on a stereo turntable
The joys of the Rotary Phone
Knobs on TV’s
AM Radio
unedited Bugs Bunny cartoons
The wonder of the 8-track system

That’s all I can really think of right now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Das Basement

Ok, now keep in mind I love my basement, its where I keep 600 years of reenactment stuff and 25 years of gaming stuff, but since we have moved in it has also become the worlds foremost U-boat simulator.
First there was the Sump pump, after a plumber put a fixture that delivered to much back pressure…The coupling on the sump pump would blow apart. A fountain of water would reach all the way to the ceiling as yours truly sprang into action. At first I would be in the middle of the column of water with a screw driver trying to repair the pipe, drenched to the skin and going down by the bow. Then I figured out If I cut the power to the pump the water stopped, so yanking the cord became my course of action….UG.
Then there are the leaks in the walls…only when we get drenched, but they are there none the less.
Now with the new child, I haven’t been down in the basement that much, so yesterday I go down and there is a puddle radiating out from my Central Air unit…UG!!!. I figure it must be the drain line, I pull the cap off and run a clothes hanger down it….I can here it draining after that…that issue is solved, now for the puddle.
I end up tossing boxes and other junk that is soaked, I brush must of the water into the French drain…it’s a mess. I set up a fan to try to help it dry and checked it this morning, things seem to be drying out…I think It helps that the AC has been off for about 4 days with the cool rainy weather we have been having. Ug I keep thinking “am I going to have to send somebody down into the Battery compartment!!!”
Things could really be worse, and I thank the powers that be that they are not…but man I would just appreciate a dry basement.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More shots

Sorry...our camera stinks...I think my phone takes better shots.

Catch Up

I was looking over the old blogs and realized that I had neglected to mention something. On March 13th my second son “Owen” was born. The birth went fantastic though we had a issue or two once we got to recovery involving my wife…But all are well now ( Touch wood). My eldest son is now 6 and is a good big brother so far.
Transformers has taken up a lot of my son’s interest but I should note that he spent a heck of a lot of time playing Star Wars Lego’s this weekend.
We have been to some places since the 13th, Brandywine River Museum, Camden Aquarium and Hagley Powder mills ( Birthplace of Dupont). Most of my Movie watching has been On-Demand lately and I haven’t done any Re-enactments since January…but my Wife has allowed me to go away two weekends for a LARP and I am thankful for that.
I missed both Cold Wars and Historicon this year but hopefully next time I go my eldest son can come along for the ride.

Well I think that’s about it

Old Photo Repost

Im putting this up because I think the old one was lost to the switch over.


Boy I havent been here in a while. I have been posting alot of stuff on my threads blog but have Neglected the old Jalopy....well I guess I had better dust her off and check under the hood.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The SCI FI Chanel…Modern Slavery?

Ok I just need to know one thing….does the Sci Fi channel practice slavery? In the past I have ranted about their really really bad movies, the ones they make in eastern Europe for 20 dollars but now I am wondering if they are more evil then I thought.

Case in point…Claudia Black…First off and for the record, she’s not hard to look at, But I now believe that at some point SFC bought her…she appears in everything they do.
First there was Farscape, loved her in that, then she pops up in Stargate SG1. I stopped and thought “what the ….” But I let it go. Now this week she was in the Dresden Files!! Sweet Potato Pie! People she is being held against her will!! What next, a lead in the latest bad Nazi Gargoyle movie? Or is she doomed to be eaten by a Giant Mutant Vole. Hear me Sci Fi Channel!!! Let her go!!! Free Her!!!!
So the question is, how much did SFC pay for her and How much would they sell her for?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surviving in the Battlestar Galactica Universe

First off…Everyone is a Cylon, they may not be, but to play it safe just treat them like they are. Your wife, boyhood friend Twin Brother… All Cylons. If you prepare your self, we won’t have to waist time with the “Oh My Gods..” and “I don’t Fracking believe it” scenes…EVERYONE IS A CYLON.

Learn to fly…Apparently anyone can walk onto the flight deck and climb into a Viper ( See Civilian Apollo in season Finally ) so it wont hurt having that avenue of escape open to you.
STAY AWAY FROM CALI!!! If something bad is going to happen its going to happen to or around her. Don’t even be on the same ship…flee, leap into space without a space suit to get away from her…you stand a better chance of surviving.

Padme!!! What are you thinking?

Ok, in the past I have spoken about my 5 year olds love of star wars and how he loves the Lego star wars game. Well to celebrate the birth of his little brother we bought him the other game that deals with the first three movies ( PM, AOTC, ROTS). Now the game has a bright spot, you can watch Jar- Jar die over and over again…and that makes me happy, but like the other game, for my son to get into the spirit of things he has to watch the movie dealing with the chapter he is playing.

So one night we find our selves watching “Attack of the Clones”, not my favorite so I am watching with sarcastic colored glasses on…that’s when it hits me, WHAT THE HECK IS PADME THINKING!!!.

So she’s all “ we cant do this” and “its not right” while she shows up for dinner wearing a leather corset and collar around her neck ??? Then there is my favorite dress, the one she wears on Tatooine when Anakin returns from killing the Tusken Raiders… You know, the scene in the garage. Now watch that scene and look at that dress and ask your self…does the neck line form a arrow pointing down…TO A TARGET?????
I am not even going to go into her choice of clothing for Anakin’s mom’s funereal, maybe it was the only clean thing she had left.

Monday, March 12, 2007

“ There will be no Ewoks in my house!!!!”

This weekend, as I lay sleeping late on Saturday, my Son came bounding into the room. He had drawn a picture he wished to show me. My blood ran cold as I looked down at the sheet of paper and its masterful illustrations for he had drawn… Ewoks!!
First there was a Ewok in a red shirt carrying a spear, which he made sure I understood was him, then there was wicket ( he made me guess what one was wicket) with his little sling about to wrap around his head and finally a little guy with a bow.
My initial thought was to rip up the picture in front of his 5 year old eyes and send him off to his room until he was 12, but this seemed to harsh, so I let the whole thing slide. Over the period of the day the picture grew in its grandeur, a ATST was soon being crushed by logs, a Scout trooper flew his speeder bike and a Storm trooper tried to defend himself ( A legion of his best troops…yeah right).
I was considering institution that I could send him to, to help de-program him, to help him over come this Ewoktosis that he was suffering….but that’s when it occurred to me. My son was probably the exact audience that those furry little terrorist were designed to appeal to…so after simmering down I resigned myself to wait patently for this phase to pass.
….But if I start seeing pictures of Jar-Jar, all bets are off!!! Were going to the wood-shed!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How not to be “father of the year”…

Ok, yesterday I blogged about my son and the Star Wars Lego’s game…at the time I did not know the near tragedy that I had unleashed.

Flashback….March 6th, 0630 hours
I set out to leave for work, the wind was blowing hard as I pulled on my coat. I was surprised by the wait of the garment when I remembered I had placed my son’s game boy that contained his Game boy Star wars lego game ( though not as loved as the PC version, he like to play it while on the way to school) in my pocket the day before when I had picked him up. My thoughts soon turned to the garbage can that I had to take out and how it would fair in the strong wind, so I set the game boy down on the roof of my jeep and set off to secure the the garbage can. When I felt that task had been accomplished sufficiently I hoped in my Jeep and drove off to work…already late.

Flashback….March 6th, 1400 hours
My wife phoned me at work to say she was home and that everything was fine with her. Then she mentioned that she had told my son he could play his game boy on the way home since it was still in my jacket. My head began to swim, like in a bad movie, I saw myself placing the game boy atop my Jeep over and over again, in slow motion, in bizarre angles, from the perspective of the poor game boy followed by the Mental scream shot that pulls back from my tortured face. I had forgotten my sons game boy on the roof of my Jeep when I pulled out that morning.

All Attempts to located the poor device were fruitless and at 4:00 I had to face my child and tell him of the unforgivable act his father was guilty of. You got to love 5 year olds, he took it in stride, asked my a million and one “why didn’t you…” and “ you could have…” questions without anger or sadness. In fact it was he who simply said “ I guess we can order one on line” but so guilt ridden was I that I had to stop at Best Buy and get him a new one on the way home. We couldn’t find his Star Wars lego game at the stores we stopped at, and we’ll have to order that on line but he is ok with that.
When we got home he hoped onto the PC and got enough points to buy Boba Fett ( all before bath time) so he was as pleased as punch. I felt so bad for losing his game, I was convinced he would be upset, but he wasn’t, he took the whole thing better then I did, you got to love him.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Heroes Theory

It all goes back to 1938, and a little known project called “Neue Dämmerung” under the leadership of Dr Vanso Faust. Faust was investigating Accelerated Evolutionary Development (AED) under the Reich’s Ministry of science. Though most files on Faust’s work were destroyed, what is known at this time is that he was supplied 500 “Subjects” from the Mauthausen Concentration Camp ( the camps records record the transportation and return receipt’s are signed by Faust himself…CIA Archives) and that none of these subjects were ever seen again.
Some insight was gained via a interview with a Hauptstrumfuhrer Johan Strump, conducted in 1946 at a POW camp in Austria. Strump was in charge of a guard detail assigned to Faust. He claims to have observed subjects being injected with large doses of what the doctor informed him was a “evolutionary accelerant”. The effect caused the subjects to Scream in pain and physical effects were varied per batch, anywhere from rapid mortification to the liquefaction of the soft tissue. Strump also notes that the screams had such a effect on staff that Faust took the precaution of destroying the subjects voice box before experimentation.
Strump states that by 1942 the Doctor had apparently made significant headway, Party officials’ began to visit the lab ( Located in the Black Forest outside of Stauffen, Germany) climaxing in a visit from the Fuhrer and Himmler in late January of 1943. Strump was not privy to what transpired but does report that they seemed to have left well pleased.
It was reported shortly after that Faust visited OFLAG XVII – A outside Edelsbach Austria. There, according to the camps records, Flu vaccine was administered to 20 Patents. All 20 were from different nationalities. The camps records record the deaths of 11 of the 20 shortly afterward.
Strump then stated that he escorted the doctor to a Wehrmacht Hospital outside Munich. He states that he injected 10 wounded officers with a “Vaccine”. A search of the facilities records showed no such work. Strump stated he believed that ones name was “Luhrmann”, a search of this name turned up nothing however it is intresting to note that a Hauptmann Hans Lindermann was recovering from wounds received on the eastern front in the hospital at this time…He was a Knights cross winner and Father to Fredrich Lindermann, known today to the intelligence services as Frederick Linderman of Las Vegas Nevada.
Strump was murdered in the POW camp before any additional information could be obtained. Allied bombing of the “Neue Dammerung” facility in late 43 was believed to have Killed Faust and his assistants, However it is important to note, U-543 has listed on its manifest “Experimental Materials, Stauffen, Germany” before it embarks on its trip to Japan in early 1945.
After the capitulation of Japan, allied intelligence services search for the material transported, the only evidence of its existence that could be found was a signed naval manifest, the signature was of a Captain Isoroku Nakamura. A interrogation of this officer revealed only that he supervised loading the box onto a truck, and knew nothing more. It most be noted that the service records of this officer were never found and a rumor exists that he was a member of “Unit 731”.
After the war, CIA records show some activity around the name Faust within the Odessa organization and it is believed he may have survived the bombing and fled to South America. Certain documents shared by MI6 and revealed latter in KGB archives indicate the possibility of a small network of scientist based in South America and Japan continuing work that they considered to be linked to Neue Dammerung. Our own government sponsored a project called “New Dawn” ( a literal translation) in the 50’s reportedly utilizing some of the same research as Faust, however no documentation on this can be found, rumor suggests that aerial delivery testing took place at some point but again it most be stressed that no evidence of this exists. The names of the Allied officers that survived the injections remains classified however it is believed they returned to their respective countries with out any long term effects. As per the request of the head office, research reveals no Petrelli imprisoned in OFLAG XVII at the time of the experiment, however, a search of French military records reveals a Captain Jacques Du Fountaine, who is the father of Angela Du Fountaine who married Thomas Petrelli. No records of Concentration camp survivors can be found, though it was noted that after the 1943 bombing, a extensive search of the near by Black Forest was conducted.

Monday, March 05, 2007

What The…..

Ok…as stated before, I am a big Sci-fi geek, as such, I happen to watch Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi. I think the show is great...but that may change.

I thought last nights episode was pretty good, Starbuck has dreams that leads to her suiciding her viper into a storm on a gas giant. If that’s the case I am OK, or if she is magically teleported somewhere because of her special destiny etc…Im ok with that. I will not be OK with her waking up on a Cylon Resurrection ship as one of the unseen models of the Cylons. That will bug me.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This is a Test

They just moved me to Google...I think, so this is testing to see if everything works.