Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Tales of Yesteryear XXIV

The King cast his steely gaze at Timuns “Who in the bloody blazes is this ‘Third Estate” you keep babbling about?”..... Timuns brain cried “the third estate is everything” but the memory of being nearly killed by queen enfeebled his mind, all he could do is stare on in fear.

Tales of Yesteryear XXIII

After explaining his belief in the “Social Contract” and the validity of the works of Locke.... the Queen, with the speed of a leopard, leapt at him and began to strangle young Timuns right in front of the chuckling Prime Minister.

Tales of Yesteryear XXII

The VanGloom sisters were convinced, barring a early spring, no one would find Gertrude’s body.

Tales of Yesteryear XXI

"Sure...." Thought Gunter "I could have spent a little bit more time on the hands." but he was sure that his "StahlTodtwagon" would finally keep the neighbors kids in their own damn yard.

Tales of Yesteryear XX

If Lil Ash knew one thing....It was the only way to beat beltway traffic was her broom.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tales of Yesteryear IXX

Marygold was positive that Deep Sea Diving wasn’t nearly as “cool” as Jerome thought.

Tales of Yesteryear XVIII

The Fizz, Mr. Meow and Ann Arky, their costumes now complete, were ready to pull their first capper, the Hovis Cobolt Potato Soda distillery payroll would be theirs!

Tales of Yesteryear XVII

14 years latter, the survivors of miss Mcgonickles 2nd grade class were still waiting to crown the winner of the musical chairs competition.

Tales of Yesteryear XVI

“Now Caperina.... stand next to your lovely birthday present... put your arms around it dear!” Said her mother “isn’t it simply sublime! I knew she would love it!” As the shade of a 1000 sleepless nights, like the dawning of a day of dread, began to creep into the child’s mind."

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tales of Yesteryear XV

“If those little hooligans would not leave her prized rose bushes alone....” Dorris swore “.... then I would steal their souls”

Tales of Yesteryear XIV

With the obsolescence of the outdoor well and the move away from the VHS format.... the Ring Sisters were hard press to find work.

Monday, January 28, 2019

First posts in a while

Yes....I know....Right?

I have always spent hours looking at old photographs, yes those were usually Military in nature, counting buttons, noting how their haversacks are worn and all matter of nonsense. But I recently started looking at some of the strange photo's of the past and specially those that literally grabbed me a wrote their own story....from my sick and twisted brain, I have been posting them on my facebook account but I thought here would be a good place to park them for a while.

The Clockwinder

Tales of Yesteryear XIII

Yelling at the Irish had been I much beloved activity at the prestigious Bambridgeshireton school for young gentlemen and the boys of the lower form took to with a fervor unseen since the school beat Toffington for the Lord Snoutington cup.

Tales of Yesteryear XI

The Turnbuckle sisters sat patiently awaiting the taking of their portrait... except Meredith, who subtly, with a glance, reminded her children of the coming of the apocalypse if Jimmy did not leave his damn sister alone.

Tales of Yesteryear X

As they waited for the photograph to be taken Beatrice and Hobart sank deeper into the monotony of their middle class existence.... It was only Toby who noted the indescribable horror oozing out of the shadows of the corner of the room, as the stench of decay and malice filled the room, tendrils of unfathomable terror moved towards them...Toby, doom holding hard his speech....mentally pleaded for lightning to ride, ride as you have never ridden before!

Tales of Yesteryear IX

Try as they might..... the Finnstable family could not find grandpa.

Tale of Yesteryear VIII

15 years to the day, Carl set out to prove to his old GM once and for all, that his Paladin could have used his halberd in the wizards study.

Tales of Yesteryear VII

“Harrumph!” Calvin Plainsvile-Blat thought “Joseph Merrick is no more a Elephant man than I am the sultan of Siam...... it’s bloody cultural appropriation it is!”

Tales of Yesteryear VI

A weredonkey and a werehedgehog? All the other lycanthropes just pointed and laugh.

Tales of Yesteryear V

The photographer was both elated and terrified that he had caught the exact moment the owl made off with little Timmy.

Tales of yesteryear IV

Kurt could never quite figure out why he had no friends.

Tales of Yesteryear III

As he sat alone is his room, Baxter wondered “why won’t the world let Baxter be Baxter”.

Tales of Yesteryear II

As hard as he tried.... the Earl could not grasp the concept of the “selfie"

Tales from Yesteryear

With his new fashion beret and action purse, lucky shorts and tie, Gerald lord Crankshaft finally felt ready for his first day at the Ted Urbanski Vo-tech school.