Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Making your goal Weight…

Ok, as of this morning I hit 210, I started at 285 ( that’s the low end estimate as our scale couldn’t fully weigh my ponderous girth). My original goal was 220, but a friend gave me a stretch goal of 210.
Now, I have been here before, lost allot of weight only to gain it all back, Maintaining is where the real challenge comes into play.
I don’t know if I am ready to maintain though, Last week I entered in my height ( 6 foot 1) and my then current weight of 215 into a BMI calculator, it laughed at me, it said it’s a wonder Im not dead Im so fat…not really… but it did advise me to see my doctor about my obesity…ARG!!! So I may try to get down below 200, I’ll give it a go, I am happy where I am at now, uniforms fit, reenacting stuff is easier to find etc ( But there is the down side of being cold.
I know there will be a weight gain, I need to try to prevent that, my payoff of fitting in some of my uniforms has been realized, I need to set a new short term goal, I ordered some 17th century stuff from the UK, I have to keep the weight down to fit it so that’s one. I know it will be tough but I think I hit on some new foods that are making it easier. I am eating more fruits and Vegetables then I have in the past, I have been trying to keep my protein intake up and lean ( Chicken and Jerky believe it or not). I have been a big fan of the Soups they now make and most importantly…carbs. I have been limiting carbs to whole grain stuff, I cant tell you the last time I aint regular bread and pasta ( And I love pasta) . The other thing is habits…I never used to eat breakfast, now I make sure to eat a good breakfast and good lunch, then a reasonable dinner…Then I do not eat anything three hours before bed. Seems to be working, they say its important to keep your calorie intake up so I have been trying.
Once I hit Maintenance…that’s when the work begins!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Ok, not a amazingly exciting weekend but when all is said and done it wasn’t that bad. I went to the Gun show on Saturday Morning and Sold one of my Muskets…I got exactly what I was asking, and that surprised the heck out of me. I literally had people walking up to me trying to buy it, one guy offered me 700.00 then the next guy offered me 800.00 but I stuck to my guns and got what I was asking so that was surprise. I had read a email string on line saying they usually go for around 6 to 7 hundred so I was very happy.
I went over to Johns store Saturday before noon and we talked for awhile then I was home to cover the homestead while Mom shopped. On Sunday I watched the O man so Kathy and Kevin could go to his friends skating party so things were pretty laid back on Sunday.
Owen may have every toy in the world, but the lad prefers to Zip around the house getting into everything he shouldn’t. If you tell him not to go to the water bowl then ZOOM! Right to the water bowl he goes. He is climbing stairs, because his brother has seemed fit to teach him, I can’t help but think that he will be walking soon.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Fun!

Today we took a trip to the Brandywine River Museum, The first shot is of my Wife and two kids by the Christmas tree display

The next shot is of the World famous crime fighters and mystery sleuths "THE KENDALL MEN!!!"

It was a good time but the Doll House display was a little weak, only one doll house. The Train room was impressive but realy was the whole museum. I love driving up there as it is some of the prettiest ground in the Delaware SE PA region. Not to mention the scene of a hellish Battle of the American Rev.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ok…Its 2008 and by my calculations in a few weeks I maybe one of a few people left in my group at work. Everyone seems to be leaving…its great for Morale. They are all great people but the job has become so unbearable that with the Boss leaving they feel its time for them to get out. Me? I’ll stay.

On News Years Kevin and I went for a drive, most of the stores were closed so we went over to Newkirk Estates ( Where I grew up) and I showed Kevin around the Creek where we used to play and hang out. I showed him the Rock Patio and the Poor scared tree where we all carved our initials. Place look different but the same…the Creek looked wider, The old drainage ditch was allot deeper and down a ways all the houses have been removed from the flood plain. The old Rock that I used to think looked like a Coffin is now washed down and buried into the bank of the White Clay…Though you can still see the remains of where we used to build the damn across the Creek every summer.