Thursday, September 28, 2006


We learned a lot last night, first, Death loves Jake. This guy killed two people in a crash on day 1 of the Post apocalypse and on day two he was shooting for PAR however his old sweet heart downed one of the convicts robbing him of his score (Drat). Then there is the strange case of Mr Hawkins, the “ex-cop from St Louis”, Is he simply a Plotontic device ( he seems to know everything) or something else. I can buy that a cop may know all the facts about Nuclear explosions ( training after 9/11) but Morse Code?? I kept half expecting him to leap up a perform surgery. So a lot of the town is now buried in the Salt Mine, some in Town Hall and the rest in there basements. I am liking this show so far, Yes I am partial to the Post Holocaust genre, but its been good TV so far. The big thing came at the end of the episode, when the mysterious Mr Hawkins keeps pushing pins into the Map of the United states, each pin, we assume, represents a nuclear blast…Poor Phili.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Powered Armor….

Many many years ago, I picked up and read a novel called “StarShip Troopers”, And ever since then I have had a love for powered armor. Now “Starship Troopers” was nothing like the movie of the same name, yes some of the character’s names were the same, but after that the similarity ends. In the novel, The troopers were encased in suits of heavy armor with jump jets and a staggering array of weapons (including the famed Mini Nuke). The Japanese have been the masters of Powered armor since, including it in many Anime and Manga. I need to make sure that it is understood for the record, I don’t like the towering Huge suits, no I prefer the suits under 10 feet tall, like “appleseed” and the works of Masamune Shirow and the superlative work of Kow Yokoyama on his legendary SF3D line. In fact, the Japanese so rule this line of Sci-Fi that most western entries into genera these days is a copy of the look and feel of the Japanese ( I.E. Heavy Gear), I do not fault the authors for this as I believe they are merely paying homage to these fantastic visual.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Yep…that’s right, I watched the movie on demand last night….and I have been regretting it ever since. Man oh man I think it was 10 minutes into the movie I started thinking “ This damn boat can’t sink fast enough for my liking” I hated everybody. First, besides the people in the ball room and 4 people in the disco, the entire population of this huge ship seems to have been wiped out. Ug then there was the cast, Kurt Russell ( who normally gets a pass because of BtiLC) obviously collecting a pay check, then the Hard guy, who guys from a card playing tough guy to crying his eyes out Pansy (no offense to pansies) in a period of minutes. Then there is the daughter and the her fiancĂ© stinking up the screen like a lump of rotten cheese. The woman and her son, I would like to tell you there story, break your heart with the reason why she was on the boat, or even why she was at the captains table…but I can’t….I DON’T KNOW, we were never told, Just POP! “Here are to new characters, bon appetite!”. Then there was Richard Dryfus ( Heck lets call him Sir Richard Dryfus, if he was English he would be one of those underpaid ultra actors knighted by the queen) well, I think he was Gay, I think he invited some guys on the boat or something, I think he may have been upset…But then again I can’t tell you for sure because we weren’t told. There were some neat death scenes, but besides that it was a stinker. They should have had the Sci Fi channel make it, they would have spiced it up with Giant Mutant Bunnies or something, or giant Mutant Bunnies and a Volcano.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Post Weekend

Thomas the Tank Engine, that right folks, we went to see Thomas again, although this time there seemed to be more of a “Evacuation of Saigon” Feel to the whole thing. When Kevin chose to go through the little maze I started to realize that all I was hearing was the screams of children, the yelling of Parents and (oddly enough) Dixie land jazz. Parents were physically pulling their children here and there, Children were kicking and screaming, it was near about as close to the apocalypse as you can get without a mushroom cloud. Then there was the pushing to get on the Train…not Thomas mind you, but the longer train. We did get a chance to meet Cousins Robin and Mike and their son Daniel and Daniel and Kevin were very good all day so that was a bonus.

I picked up the new Star Wars Limited edition, I watched some of the original release and I stand by my earlier comments that George really cluttered things up to much with what he added. Some of the scenes are, IMHO, allot better without the Flying Driods, huge Lizards and horribly rendered CGI Stormtroopers.

Uh....and I got a Shoofly Pie :o)

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Weekend…..

At last, At last! The weekend has arrived. Looks like we may be taking young master Kevin up to see Thomas the Tank Engine so that should be fun ( Maybe we’ll come home with a Shoofly Pie!). Besides that I thought I would try to work on my Ptolus campaign and try to forget about work for a couple of days. I have bought a number of non-armored figures for use in the game, now lets see if I can paint them ( I have painted one).

Star Wars
I built a Millennium Falcon kit to use with my miniatures, its just shy of 25mm but look good when you place some figures around it. I am hoping to put together a scenario where the Rebels have to hold off a Imperial attack while the Freighter takes on vital cargo and passengers ( I am not painting it to be the Falcon, just a YT1300). The fellow I have contacted in regards to “Operation ST” has received my package so I should know the results in 30 to 60 days. Miniature Building Authority had some SCI FI proto types that would look cool but they aren’t even scheduled for release. The new WOC SW miniatures expansion is due out in a week, that would be Bounty Hunter, I have seen the poster of what it contains and it has some good models, Yes I prefer Metal to soft plastic, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Speaking of Miniature Building Authority…

The Castle that we pre ordered is scheduled to come out sometime this month, I saw it at Historicon and it looked great

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I watched the first episode of the new CBS show Jericho on Yahoo last night. First off, the Post Apocalypse and Zombie Films are a favorite genre so they had me hooked to begin with. The Show is set in the Mythical town of Jericho Kansas, Jake Green, The son of the mayor returns to town to try to collect his inheritance. He meets old friends, fights with his family and the whole time Im thinking “oh sweet lord let the bombs fall”. It isn’t to long before my wish is granted as ( what they believe to be) Denver goes up in a mushroom cloud ( they latter find out there may have been a second bomb in Atlanta). Now the post Apocalypse gets to roll’n, Fights at the gas pump, escape convicts, yokels with guns, the pieces begin to fall into place. I know they cant go right to Green Mohawks and super chopped cars with spikes everywhere so I will give it some time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The “Unaltered” Star Wars DVD’s are out…

Of course Ill buy them, I just wish I could mix and match to make the “Clockwork Mix”.I would ( of course ) have the Han firing first scene, I would also get rid of some of the Stupid Mos Eisley CGI stuff like the giant creature that walks across the screen during the road block. I don’t like the CGI crowd stuff, they don’t look real to me, the CGI Stormtroopers stink on Ice. On the Other hand I do like some of the improvements to the final space battle and I like the overhead shot of the Falcon blasting out of Mos Eisley. It would be cool to be able to pick and chose what you wanted.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Questions about God….

The G man, the big man, He who knows all and lead singer of the Trio, My son started Catholic school a week and a half ago and he had some questions for my wife about God and Jesus. In retrospect its better that he asked her….

How did Jesus Die? Well, HE WAS PERSECUTED BY THE MAN!!!

Can God Touch the Sun? Hell Yeah!! If God wanted to, he could set up a lawn chair and catch some rays….If he wanted.

Does God have gun’s? If God wanted gun’s he have really cool ones with scopes and laser sights.

So you see its best that I allow the professional catholic in the house to answer these questions. I don’t want to confuse the kid.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Mind is at ease….

I finally got some sleep the other night, I attribute this feat to the fact that Princess Kiko has given birth to a Little Boy. Can you imagine my relief, A male shall ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne. WOW! I just have to say “ good for you Prince Akishino”. But what about Dads mustache? Im not sure he is pulling it off, it sort of looks cheesy. Now Tashiro Mufune could pull off a mustache but his Highness needs to be told he looks like a villain from a bad episode of Miami Vice.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

It was a alright weekend, I saw two movies, The illusionist and V for Vendetta. I thought both films were really good though the Illusionist had the benefits of being a ell costumed period piece.
My wife had her second ultrasound on Friday and Our little one was there swimming away. Kevin seems to be doing well so far in his Kindergarten, he has had Two half-days and seems to be making the change fairly well.
We went to the reine- faire on Monday and Kevin got his first bee sting, not once but twice. The First aide guy was really nice and took care of our little guy, since it was his first sting they kept him around for a few minutes to make sure he didn’t have a allergic reaction and that made me feel a lot better.
Sunday night I didn’t sleep a wink, well actually I think I may have slept from around 4:30 to 7:00 but it was aggravating, fortunately I slept well Monday night.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Campaigns of Yore.

When we started playing D&D way back in 79, I remember the weekends we spent. We would gather around a kitchen table as Eddie White ran his brother and I in a dungeon. I played Zimbad, its amazing I still remember my first characters name, He was a Half Elf Fighter/Magic User. The dungeon was our game, it was a huge affair, oddly all its room’s conformed with the squares of the graph paper it was written on. We would push hard into the maze of rooms and corridors, occasionally we would reach a area that wasn’t designed yet and run into a wall of gray fog until it was designed ( then the fog would lift).
I remember these games being immensely fun, lasting for hours. Before hand we would travel up to the Arco station and buy Soda and chips to last us through our adventures. I remember having so much equipment that my inventory sheets far surpassed that of the vital Character data, Folding boots, Ladders, Countless feet of rope, for some reason we could carry it all.
As time went on, say the Mid 80’s, It was all about the published modules, I was at this time playing with a larger and different group of friends. We would descend into the wood paneled basement and utilize the train table as our gaming area. I seem to remember these games taking up entire weekends. These games were epic, we got to the point where we were maintaining Holds and had armies of hirelings.
A Game store opened in our area, The Days Of Knights and I began to play at there, That’s where we learned more about role-playing and less about gathering the most gold and items. It was there, in a room we jokingly referred to as a “ smelly, Fly Infested, Sauna” that we would play campaigns that would last years.
Ahh when I think of those grand Campaigns, what fun we had.