Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a lamb….a misty wet lamb….but a lamb none the less

Well after today March will be yet another for the books, Things were pretty hectic, Easter, T-Ball, Scouts and Dr. visits. March also will be known as the month of the eye as my eldest son now has to wear a patch to strengthen one eye and my youngest, at one year old, now wears glasses ( they make him look like Ralphy from Christmas story). Owen also had a number of ear infections ( his brother had a few when he was teething if I remember right).
April is lining up to be busy as well, I hope to be more active with the scouts with Kevin and the WWI re-enactment is set to go. My Armor was completed by the guy in England, It was a lot cheaper when I ordered it, and now with shipping and the weak dollar…holy smokes!!!!! Didn’t the economy know I was ordering from over seas! The thing that burns me is that I practically begged to pay when I ordered…now its cost me arg!!!! HAVE YOUR JOKE LIFE!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Owen is one today….

That’s right, my youngest is one year old today, at home with a ear infection. My oldest Kevin cried because he wanted Owen to be able to go to Nanies school to have his birthday party, we explained that with a temperature of 101-102 he’d have to stay home…so Kevin had us sing happy birthday to Owen before we headed up to St E’s.
Owen, you have a good big brother.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogie Mcblogerton….

Ok, its been awhile, I haven’t really updated much of anything so here we go. Kevin finished basketball and now he is doing Cub Scouts, Owen will be one this week !!!! OMG!!! He is standing and even took a few steps the other day, however it looks as though he may be sick again and he had a fever last night.
I went up to Cold wars in Lancaster this weekend and have been applying some of the “Painting lore” I have learned in the Tuesday night painting workshop at DOKs, my guys are deffently less Craptastic…still Craptatic but allot better then before. Cold Wars itself was so so, but one thing that did impress me was the group that made use of small, magnificently detailed boards to run some pulp and pirate games, very impressive.
I have been trying to snatch up some uniforms that will fit me and other re-enacting gear to replace the stuff that won’t fit to well anymore, but Im going to hold off on anymore, I have my pike armor and helmet still on order in the UK but that’s all I have outstanding for now.
I am down to 200 ( was about 195 before the weekend) so I may try to go down to 185 just to say I am no longer officially overweight according to the BMI indicator, I know there will be bounce back, but I hope to stay below 200.
Kathy has been planning Owens birthday ( not a big one) and we have Easter coming up so things will be busy.
Guess that’s it for now.