Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Huzzah for Heroes…

OK, it’s the best show on Network television. It also seems as though they read my blog from last week and cut down on some of the commercials, however there still seems to be a lot of them ( Ok ok I know they don’t read this blog, no one does, but hey a guy can dream).
Future Hiro delivers his message to the Mymic who returns to the Artists studio. Hiro and Ando are dropped off in the desert and have a argument, Ando leaves. While he waits to order waffles, Hiro sees The Eagle land outside, The Eagle has escaped Skyler ( in a really cool flight scene), and ends up giving him a ride to Las Vegas. Miror Image’s husband escapes the police and is back in town, he has powers to. Miracle Girls father brain wipes the quarterback and she tells dad some of what has been going on. The cop returns home, everything seems to be going well as he uses his powers to please his wife however, maybe because he is tired, the thoughts of others overwhelm him while he is in a store. The Mimic uses his powers to finish a painting by the artist that shows the dead cheerleader. Hiro, the artist and Daniel now know they must save her. GREAT SHOW!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



First, I loved the episode, but first… Commercials!!!!!! I am now of the opinion that each episode is 20 minutes long and that there is at least as much commercial content as show. I know I may be exaggerating, but there appears to be a excruciating amount of ad’s. In the immortal words of America’s for most folk poet, Mr. Charles Brown “ARRRRRRRRRGGGG!”.

Now… The episode progressed the story line further, The Policeman woke up in Skyler’s lab with Scary bald guy, they apparently are experimenting on our poor friend. The Cheerleader… Or “Miracle girl” …wakes up in the morgue, escapes and latter takes her revenge on the serial rapist Quarterback by crashing a car into a wall. Las Vegas mom, or maybe “Mirror Image” or “Darkside” intertwines with the politician “the Eagle” when it appears as though he is set up by Skyler. We actually get to see “Darkside” emerge when the mom is threatened. The Eagle is captures (let this be a lesson to all would be super heroes… Don’t cheat on your wives). I had previously stated that I thought that the Eagles brother could only fly when he was around his brother, partially correct, he seems to be able to absorb the powers or “mimic” those of someone he is around. Hiro…Oh my god! By far my favorite Character, the one that is so desperately trying to embrace his gift and the one who is oddly learning to control his power the best. He and Ando are in Vegas where Ando talks Hiro into using his power to help them gamble against Hiro’s best judgment, they win but are thrown out ( I loved the Rain Man scene on the escalator) and Hiro ends up taking a fist to the jaw. The end scene we get a glimpse of Hiro from the future, all cooled up, dressed in black, Samurai sword on his back, no glasses, hair slicked back and no trace of a accent, he comes and delivers a message from the future to Daniel ( whom he drops the line about not being used to seeing Daniel without his scar…Cool). We see a cool scene with artist guy as he gets whacked out on goof balls and paints the future, I loved the dream/painting effect. The show is very comic booky and that’s what I love about it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well I didn’t get a chance to watch Jericho so no update this week. We found out on Monday that we are having a boy, everything looked fine. We have started talking about names, My son suggested Peanut Butter and oddly, the good NASCAR name of Jimmy Brian, My wife didn’t like the name Tucker although Collin was liked by all. We’ll go at it a little more and see what we come up with.
Last Weekend I attended a WWI event, The Somme, It was a emersion event, that means we lived in the trenches for 24 hours straight. Heck it even rained for us and was cold as heck. They really went out of there way for the full experience, they feed us in the line, had a mail call and a Rum ration. Doing a event like this every now and then helps you realize what they went through, If its hard for us after 24 hours imagine what it was like for them doing it for real.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Week on Heroes…

Wow, the show is still delivering the goods. Ok The Cheerleader, her creepy dad dropped her off for a prep rally, the Local football hero tries to have his way with her and she falls on a branch that impales her head… we think she is dead… until the cornier removes the branch ( can you say EWWWWWWW). The Cop who hears voices, proves he is innocent and is asked to help the FBI investigate, while on the way down to talk to the little girl he saved last week they discover the villain has dropped by, they thwart his kidnapping attempt, the cop saves the female detective by triple tapping the bad guy… not to worry, the guy pops back up and disappears. The flying brothers, the younger brother desperately wants to embrace his gift but can not, the older denies it and tries to hide it, my feeling is they can only fly when they are together but we will see. HIRO, by far my favorite plot line, the Japanese man who can control time ( sort of ) convinces his friend of his powers and they set off to the U.S. to save us all. I love the way this character has whole heartily embraced his gift, the humor of the situation and the seriousness of their quest. Artist Guy, poor artist guy, whats he have to do to be believed, for the love of Mike this guy has painted buses exploding and all matter of events that come to happen and his girl friend is all “ It’s the dope” Would someone PLEASE believe the poor artist guy!! Indian guy found the apartment of the chap he thinks killed his father ( also the psycho-super-killer the FBI is hunting and the cheerleaders pop) The apartment has the tell tale hidden room with interior by “Psycho’s –R- Us” but is swept clean by the time he can bring the police. Las Vegas Mom with the real dark ( talking real real dark) side, she buries the bodies and at the end of the episode is taken by a cop to meet the guy who sent the killers from episode one… me thinks the desert will soon have more holes. The bad guy may have a friend… super villain II… A bald guy who I think knocked out the cop-mind-reader.

Good stuff

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Strange tidings last night on Jericho. First Jake didn’t kill anyone, surely a sign of the Apocalypse…oh wait, maybe that was the mushroom clouds, anyway… Secondly, Mr. Hawkins apparently is more then he seems, he climbs into a Rad Suit and goes to a storage bin to grab a mysterious oil drum that he entombs in his basement, He also has crates of weapons in his Storage Bin. The Clockwork theory, one of them at least, He was in on the Nuke plot, he was supposed to plant a Nuke some where and decided against it. The other issue, Jakes friend spends 20 minutes in the rain and is ok, Jakes brother’s Geiger counter barely clicks as they emerge from the shelter. The TV in the Bar picks up a broadcast from China showing a map of the United States, the mayors mysterious illness, Tanks seen on the way to Denver, Downed planes 50 miles outside of the town on the road.
The mystery that is Jake… OK, here we go, he can give a little girl a Tracheotomy, Position and blow explosives, shoot and kill without guilt and oddest of all, he knows how to locate the flight recorder on a airliner and also knows what is needed to listen to it. He did say he had to be back to San Diego in the first episode and there is a Navy Base there…Perhaps he is a SEAL, we will see.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Post Apocalypse, Tonight on TV….

Well its Wednesday and time for the next episode of Jericho, Time to find out what happens on Day 3 of the Post Apocalypse. By the way….when exactly is the switch over, when does it officially go from being the apocalypse to being the Post Apocalypse?? Is there a scientific formula to figure this out? I have other questions about the Post Apocalypse….

1. How many days off from work do I get for the Apocalypse, is it sick time or does it count as a Holiday? What is the code I have to use in Time tracker?
2. how many days into the P-poc (< my hip new term for the Post apocalypse) do I have to wait before I can get a Mohawk and weld spikes to my car?
3. Do I automatically begin stories with “ In the days before the great flame…”
4. Do I have to register to elect the local Warlord? How does that work? Are we still going to adhere to the electoral college thing?
5. Can I pick my own cool P-poc handle….if so “Cap’um Killah” is so taken baby!!
6. Is there a building code for Thunderdomes? Can I use PVC piping or does it have to be metal? “Two men enter….One man leaves”!!!
7. how long before we can use the expression “ picking the bones of the ancient’s” to describe scavenging.
8. On scavenging… That’s Tax free right?? I don’t have to declare that at the end of the year do I?
9. Does adding spikes, roll bars and slave chains to my Jeep Cherokee mean I have to pay less or more for insurance?
10. How long are those “ The End times Cometh” guys allowed to play the “I told you so” card before I can take legal recourse? ( If said recourse is the utilization of my made to code thunderdome…SO BE IT!!)

And Finally, probably the question that will be asked most by superficial society, Can I pick my own mutation? Will my HMO cover any of that?


Somebody actually responded to my post yesterday about heroes ( with a great link to a Heroes Fan site…Thanks) My first comment, I wish I had a Clockwork handshake to send out. I thought my wife and a few friends were the only ones who even saw this. I had better clean up the streamers and confetti and get back to blogging.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Heroes is a new show on NBC, basically I goes it boils down to the birth of “Super powers". The show has a number of story lines all connected in one way or another. There is the Cheerleader who is indestructible, The Japanese man who can travel through Time, a mother who apparently has a killer dark side, A artist who paints the future, Brothers who can fly and a Indian man who carry’s out the work and research his father started. Lieing under all of this is a hint to a nuclear blast in New York in 3 weeks and the story of a serial killer who appears to be after peoples brains. I like the show so far, It’s a Clockmaker kinda show, that and Jericho. Now me liking it can only mean one thing, Cancellation, lets hope that last long enough to build a audience.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The News…

In the days of yore, we used to read the newspaper, or switch on a radio or TV to catch the news, now we read the news on the internet. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I have railed about “Online News” before and now I am going to do it again. All last week I had to look and a picture of a guy popping his eyes out on my home page, now Its some freak with long fingernails ( No offense to freaks out there). For the love of Pete, it confirms all my beliefs that the news is a circus, complete with freak show to draw ya in. Forgive me if I care more about our underreported deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan…Yes we still have troops there. Its like every news agency is trying to be a slightly more legitimate National inquirer. Here’s a Idea Yahoo, instead of Long Finger nail lady on your front page, how about the face of the latest soldier to die in the war. I guess Comcast is slightly better as it flashes through a series of eye catching trash….but not to worry, Anna Nicole smith seems to have herself a permanent update box. YARRRRR!