Friday, December 07, 2007


More M&M stuff

Magic Armor:
Would take the form of…
Gorgets: imbued by Smiths, Alchemists and Mages and worn by all officers, Some may also have special properties. The Average Gorget grants 1 armor to the wearer.

Medicine Bags: Medicine bags can be imbued by a shaman to do many things, one of those is protection. The strength of the Spirit magic depends on many factors but it is safe to assume that a Medicine bag will grant at least 2 Armor. However the effect is not permanent and uslay dissipates over time

Rings and Bracelets: Always of Silver, are the way that Wichians and Wizerians grant protections. These Natural magic’s are permanent, however they are uselay not as encompassing as Spirit or Arcane protections, protecting only a portion of the body.


With the introduction of Regimental Magicians into the army by the Duke of Marlborough at the turn of the century, ways had to be found to counter the magical effects of these powerful wielders. It was the Alchemists of Frederick the great that first produced the “Null Bomb”, A small bag of ingredients then when burst, creates a momentary, localized interruption to magical forces. The effect last a brief time, but often gives enough time for a marksmen to end the Mages life. Wichian’s and Wizerians were soon able to duplicate this effects using natural herbs and these played a decisive roll in the French and Indian War.

Magic Weapons/ Magic Ammo
Smiths of Europe have long been able to craft magic weapons, Swords, Halberds and Spontons are often prize possession of the wealthy officers. The gunsmiths of Pennsylvania are renowned for their Rifles, each one a work of art and tailored to its owner, their art is rumored to surpass even that of the German Smiths. Alchemists make a good trade with Musket balls that fly truer or further or powder that increases the hitting ability of the ball.

Arcane users, Mages, Smiths and Alchemists can not use the Healing energies, this is the Realm of Holy, Spirit or Natural Magic’s. Devine magic is often considered the greatest of healing magic. Shamans have been known to heal some diseases that Devine wielders could not but is not a powerful as divine. Natural wielders are known for the ability to heal light injuries or illnesses but can only temporarily forestall the effects of major wounds and illness.

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