Monday, June 13, 2011

A Aravan moment... (Spoiler Alert)

It is no secret that I am a super huge “Game of Thrones” fan, both the written and the HBO series. For the most part I have embraced some of the changes they have made to bring it to the TV screen, But last night I had a Aravan moment.

A Friend, Aravan, loves the written word, I believe it is because of the images that it brings to his mind make the work a calibration between the author and him self. He has in the past surprised me with his acceptance of changes but he does have his “Aravan moments” when he simply can not fathom a change or added scene.

Last nights GOT gave me my first true “Aravan Moment”, to level set, I still liked the episode...however... I was livid at what they did to Tyrion last night. For the first time it seems that they put in some stupid slapstick moment that in my opinion severely undermined the fantastic job they were doing with his character. To have him knocked out in such a silly fashion and then miss the entire battle, a battle in which he led his clansmen in the book, was ridicules.

not quite as major for me but a bother none the less was the scene with Drogo, for some reason I envisioned that all happening around dusk and night time with the shadows of the dead dancing showing on the walls of the tent. This could just have been a me moment but it bothered me.

Ned’s execution, so many things right yet the one wrong spoiled it for me, him telling the man from the Night’s Watch “Baelor”. What made that so cool in the book is that he saved her without being asked, despite his pledge to the Wall, he still rescued the girl. Having Ned say that....just marginalized the acted.

I have to say that besides a few scenes, last nights episode had some powerful stuff, I am surprised I have come to like Varys so much more then Book Varys and I was surprised I didnt hate Sir Walter Frey as much as I did in writing.

The one scene I thought was great was the scene between Rob and Aemon, but again the handling of Tyrion this week made me so angry that I couldn't enjoy it. After the credits rolled all I could see was the giant novelty hammer swinging at him.

Next week episode has allot of ground to cover, lets hope they come through.

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