Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Addendum to the Best Adventure ever….

I almost forgot one of Monday’s highlights in the heady times after the great quake, for that I apologize oh gentle reader and I shall attempt to make things right.

As we were stuck in “mystical” Grid lock on 495 (couldn’t have been more then a mile or two past the 95 split) I notice Assly Mcspeedsalot on his crotch rocket 9000 weaving in and out of cars. He was not to be held to our concept of lanes and traffic patterns, or even laws for that matter for he was a DC Mcspeedsalot.

I went back to my business of barely moving in traffic when, out of the corner of my eye, I notice Assly slam into the back of a monster pickup truck that had to slam on his brakes because someone cut in front of him. As I watched, Assly (just Assly, not his bike, arms Akimbo) must have flown 10 feet straight up, certainly he went up higher then the cab of the truck. I said “Oh my God!” maybe a little to alarmed as Kevin ask to know what was going on, I explained that I had just seen a Motorcycle crash into the back of a Truck and hoped the guy was OK.

As we ever so slowly pulled past, there was Assly and the driver of the truck picking the Motorcycle up and moving it out of the street and he seemed fine. I thought that the Truck driver deserved some Props for helping.

And I thought that would be the high point of my Trip.

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mirwyn said...

Again... laughing out loud at my desk! I love when karma bitch slaps those "in need" of a karma correction!