Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Clockwork update...

What have I been up to for the month of January and February you ask? Not a easy question but I’ll offer a update

First, I no longer live a normal existence, I work till the early AM, come home wind down go to bed, wake up to help get the Kids off to school (the only time I get to see them 5 days a week) then go back to bed, wake up do a few things then back to work and it all starts again. Am I bitter….hell no, I am employed and thankful for it….do I wish things were better….sure, but hey they could be a hell of allot worse.

Then there is the whole diabetes thing, I was diagnosed in November with Adult type II onset, since I only have one kidney to start with I have taken this pretty serious, I lost some wait, cut out sugar, white bread, potatoes and everything else I used to live for and my glucose was ok at my last test…now I just have to keep it up.

I usually get a chance to play a couple hours of “Old Republic” when I get home (cant go to bed right away anyway) and have been enjoying the hell out of it. I haven’t really come across a story line I don’t like and it is the only MMORPG that I have played that I have actually looked forward to getting and turning in quests due to the cut scenes.

Movies….I have seen a few, I liked the new “Sherlock Holmes”, I loved “Girl with the Dragon tattoo” and thought Chronicle was great as well, I did see the new “underworld” movie and was not that crazy about it. I wish I had gotten out to see “War Horse” but alias it just never happened. I have to watch TV ondemand as I am not home but I have be laughing my arse off at archer, the first three episodes were simply fantastic….in my opinion.

Are things perfect in the clockwinder world….hells to the no….but I have no real complaints. I do miss reenacting and the friends I have through it, working Saturday has really put a kibosh on that sort of thing, but there is always the future. I wish I had two days off in a row…but hey….Thats the least of my worries.

I’ll try to get back to blogging more then once every month and a half.

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