Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have really fallen asleep behind the ol blog wheel here. Im forcing myself to put something in this so pardon me if it rambles. I am apparently speaking to no one so…Tough’n up cream puff!!! You’ll read what I type and you’ll like it!!!

My TV viewing is about the same, Monday, It’s Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman ( I try to go to bed…but this show just traps me). Tuesday’s it House, Thursday’s Earl, The Office and Scrubs. The rest of the time its just surfn I guess

My eldest soon has had a time at school, the last two weeks he has been acting up and getting unsatisfactory reports. I think he may be coming around though…I hope he is. He has his physical evaluation today to see if he needs any help with finer motor skills.

My youngest is doing fine, he has had a bit of a cough since the beginning of September but we have been to the Doctors and she says its nothing. He is still bald ( IMHO) and still doesn’t have eyebrows ( People try to tell me that he does but they are light).

I attended my first reenactment in a year 2 weeks ago, it was fun to get out again, I had issues with the event but all and all I had a good time.

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