Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Making your goal Weight…

Ok, as of this morning I hit 210, I started at 285 ( that’s the low end estimate as our scale couldn’t fully weigh my ponderous girth). My original goal was 220, but a friend gave me a stretch goal of 210.
Now, I have been here before, lost allot of weight only to gain it all back, Maintaining is where the real challenge comes into play.
I don’t know if I am ready to maintain though, Last week I entered in my height ( 6 foot 1) and my then current weight of 215 into a BMI calculator, it laughed at me, it said it’s a wonder Im not dead Im so fat…not really… but it did advise me to see my doctor about my obesity…ARG!!! So I may try to get down below 200, I’ll give it a go, I am happy where I am at now, uniforms fit, reenacting stuff is easier to find etc ( But there is the down side of being cold.
I know there will be a weight gain, I need to try to prevent that, my payoff of fitting in some of my uniforms has been realized, I need to set a new short term goal, I ordered some 17th century stuff from the UK, I have to keep the weight down to fit it so that’s one. I know it will be tough but I think I hit on some new foods that are making it easier. I am eating more fruits and Vegetables then I have in the past, I have been trying to keep my protein intake up and lean ( Chicken and Jerky believe it or not). I have been a big fan of the Soups they now make and most importantly…carbs. I have been limiting carbs to whole grain stuff, I cant tell you the last time I aint regular bread and pasta ( And I love pasta) . The other thing is habits…I never used to eat breakfast, now I make sure to eat a good breakfast and good lunch, then a reasonable dinner…Then I do not eat anything three hours before bed. Seems to be working, they say its important to keep your calorie intake up so I have been trying.
Once I hit Maintenance…that’s when the work begins!

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Dave Starks said...

Grilled chicken and fish (tuna also - no mayo); weights and cardio (exercycle set on "incline"). Cut out fast food and soda if possible. I hate workout routines but I found myself getting heavy (190 - for ME the heaviest I'd ever been, ideal weight for my size is 160). Got a membership at Gold's; force myself to go every other day and am now down to 170 and almost at my goal (started early 2010)...once you get in the routine it's not that bad...and you feel GREAT afterwards!