Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a lamb….a misty wet lamb….but a lamb none the less

Well after today March will be yet another for the books, Things were pretty hectic, Easter, T-Ball, Scouts and Dr. visits. March also will be known as the month of the eye as my eldest son now has to wear a patch to strengthen one eye and my youngest, at one year old, now wears glasses ( they make him look like Ralphy from Christmas story). Owen also had a number of ear infections ( his brother had a few when he was teething if I remember right).
April is lining up to be busy as well, I hope to be more active with the scouts with Kevin and the WWI re-enactment is set to go. My Armor was completed by the guy in England, It was a lot cheaper when I ordered it, and now with shipping and the weak dollar…holy smokes!!!!! Didn’t the economy know I was ordering from over seas! The thing that burns me is that I practically begged to pay when I ordered…now its cost me arg!!!! HAVE YOUR JOKE LIFE!!


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