Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr Horrible

I saw this on Itunes last week as I was downloading some stuff but didn’t pay it any mind, then my friend sent me a link…I ended up watching all three episodes about three times Yesterday. FUNNY and Surprisingly smart for a Internet production ( Smart in a tight, well edited sense). It is a creation of the Whedon Clan, Joss and his kin and stars Nathan Fallon as Captain Hammer, Felicia Day and of course Neil Patrick Harris as the title character, Dr. Hammer.
Basic premise is that Dr Horrible is trying to gain admittance to the legendary Evil League of Evil ( Headed by the stallion of sin “Bad Horse”) all the while trying to get the courage to ask the Felicia Day Character out on a date. It’s a Musical…don’t let that stop you from watching this…I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this.
Day maybe be known to some of you from her work on Youtubes “The Guild” and she holds her own playing against Harris and Fallon. Nathan Fallon ( Firefly….WHY! FOX!!!! WHY!!!!) Plays the muscle headed Captain Hammer…a Jock “hero”, he realy pulls off the “jerkiness” of the Character and is a Joy to watch.
But it is Neil Patrick Harris that I was most surprised by. I had seen him do comedy before, but even in the scenes where he is just playing against his Computer ( Blogging into the Camera) he has terrific timing. He can also sing…who’d of thunk-it and surprisingly he gives his super-villain character depth even in this 42 minute, low budget web-only production. I know no one reads my blog…but if someday, aliens uncover a copy of these stupid postings…please pick over the ruined earth until you discover a copy of “Dr Horrible”…no it won’t change your life…but it will make you laugh. Oh…and don’t be “So Johnny Snow” about things

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