Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok…first, I am a Delawarean, lived here all my life, If I do not vote for Joe Biden, they will know and they will find me. “ DUDE!!!” you shout over the sounds of the porn pop-ups on your monitor “Vote for ________ as President…F! them people!”. You do not understand, I am still feeling the impacts of the whole Pete Dupont Dibacle….his people still follow me around…Never again.

Second…I think we should put all our money together a perfect the time machine and get someone who has a clue!!!! TR or maybe George Marshall…maybe Ike would agree to save us…Id settle for Martin Vanburen.

I do like Obama, I think he is smart, I like the way he talks issue (mainly) but he doesn’t have the experience. I love John Mccain, but if he passes…god forbid…Palin becomes president??? NFW!!

Wait…before you jump down my throat, its not anything she has done that garners my harsh views…She hasn’t the experience for the job.

I have no idea what Im doing in November…other then voting for Biden.

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