Thursday, April 07, 2011

The fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy....

Our next Clockwinder favorite was a bit of a tough one... What is my Favorite Spaceship, Merchant class. You may be saying “Merchant Class?! come on ! thats easy” but it really wasn’t.

Think of the choices you have, The Serenity, a Firefly class transport that gave its name to a movie and class name to a series. Serenity was practically a charecter in her own right, with her own problems and rising to the occasion when needed. She would have been a solid choice.

Then there is the “Red Dwarf” from the BBC series of the same name. A super huge cargo ship that seems to have a little bit of everything ( but not enough Kristen Kachanski... sorry Dave). Where as the “Red Dwarf” may not have been a Special Effects wonder, you bought into it and its crew.

But my choice as favorite is probably no surprise at all, The Millennium Falcon, the beat up old YT-1300 freighter of the famous Han Solo. I first glimpsed her sitting in hanger bay 94 when our heroes approached here (and before the addition of the Jabba the Hutt scene in the Spec Edtn) but never had luke’s adverse reaction to her. It was love at first sight.

Her dents and scratches do not detract from her beauty, they enhance it and give her character. The interior... dirty impact pads and burned out panels... add to her mystic like qualities. She is fast...”how fast?”... lets explain it this way, Han jumps into hyperspace, comes into the crew area, has some playful force related banter and then they are entering the Alderon system...ZOOOOOOOM!! dat is fast.

And she has bite, two quad mounts and apparently some hidden blasters here and there just to keep people guessing and in ROTJ we see she is armed with missiles. Her way of saying “You and who’s army?”

In ESB we get to see more of her battered interior and the fact that she is feeling the years... but when it counts, this ship dodges and weaves, zooms and blast better then any out there. I salute you Millennium falcon... as the Clockwinder’s favorite Merchant class vessel.


aravan said...

Those are three good ships, there. I think for nostalgia's sake I'd have to agree with you - the childlike wonder combined with the first sight of her makes the Falcon (fawl-cun, like Vader always said it) #1 for me as well.

I am struggling coming up with other contestants. Was the Nostradamus from Alien? Not like it even factors into the running, but I'm drawing a blank, and Wikipedia is SO FAR AWAY.

Clockmaker said...

It was the Nostromo.... I liked it but not as much as the Falcon.

aravan said...

Yeah, the Nostromo, that's right. I just don't think it had a personality, not like the other ships.