Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Art of being the Clockwinder

People think it is simple… but it is not I can tell you. It takes precision and split second timing as well as luck so good…that to a normal person it would appear bad.

Case in point.

I am leaving the office around 1:oo AM and decide to visit the “Facility” before leaving. I do what I always do, put my bag down of the counter and pull up to the Urinal to vent some ballast.

Now we put in some Clockwinderfu.

There…in Mid-stream (You guys explain it to the lady folk) I hear my bag fall over.. “To the floor?” you ask (in a surprising munchkin like voice) no no no…right into the sink. “Will how bad can that be?” you snicker…well let me explain, are sinks are motion controlled, so when my bag falls into the sink, the faucet comes on…and keeps on going and going the whole time Im trying to decide if I should attempt the imposable and abort in mid-stream and save my bag or damn the torpedoes.

I decided on the latter the whole time wondering why, when I stick my hands in the sink, it shuts off every 3 seconds but when my bag falls in it…Niagara Falls!!

In the end…besides a soaked bag exterior, there was no real damage…. It is however the perfect example of what it means to be the Clockwinder.

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mirwyn said...

I have to wave my hands around like an idiot for those sinks to even register I'm there, what luck. Glad there is no real damage