Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lament of Kurk (Writing words and Saying nothing)

I was born on Tripso in the Season of the Dalacorn, A Sandalar of the grand Filgus and heir to the Kagi ArchTempico. My earliest memory is of my Helkor attempting ritual suputation whist the fires of Lodrik lapped at her feet. Our Heptet, Jeff, Once rode our Gamerci 30 stunards to retrieve the quteling cup for Yelki Vi and the Margis of Redit.

It was the year of the great Vasanor when I came of age and received the Jazawak of Penternia… did the fears of Zamien grip my Olak that day I can tell you. My Edam Halen, watch as tears wet her Xiolopop, pride of the ancient Reptarts growing in her breast.

Now as my own Sandalar’s beckon to the Gty-yor… and the Kagi Archtempico lay before my wukajog cruiser… I Pray Cetif and Karmat bless my Uiliog.

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