Monday, August 14, 2006

Man oh Man, I have realy let this page go for a while! Allot has happened, lets see…

My Wife is pregnant (Yeah!), we hope for a happy healthy addition to the family in the February, March time frame.

My Son is now a strapping 5 year old.

My Friend Justin Hoover passed away recently, he was 25 and I had known him for some time via re-enacting. He died of yet unknown causes. I had been with him the week before for our display in Lancaster for Historicon and we had a good time, well now he is gone. Matt read a great quote from TR that really hit close to home at his memorial. Justin wasn’t religious and had stated that he wished to be cremated, in keeping with his wishes and the essence that was Justin his memorial was held at a sports bar and a number of friends showed up.

My brother Is out of the Army, Two tours in Iraq is enough for anyone.

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Eric said...

Hoov was a damn fine man. I had seen him a week and a half before his passing and it seemed that he was for the first time in years happy. We ate diner at Iron Hill and walked along the crowded streets of Newark, then drove to Old New Castle and we treeted to a private tour of a bicycle museum at 10 pm. Walking along Battery park, it seems so surreel now. I miss Hoove. Looking through pictures this past week I found one of him, the night before my wedding toasting me. This is how I will always remember him.