Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Star Wars Stuff

Many many years ago in a time called the 80’s, Game companies were bidding for the gaming rights for the Star Wars Franchise. The original trilogy had ended and it look like it was the end. West End Games won the rights to the RPG, and the rest was history…but what might have been.

Grenadier was chosen by WEG to do the Miniatures for the game. There was a mixed result, some passable mini’s and some not so good. Well it seems that Citadel/ Games Workshop was interested in doing a line of Star Wars Mini’s. I first stumbled on this rumor a few years back on ebay when I came across a superb Stormtrooper figure, The seller stated that it was from a unreleased GW Star Wars run, produced when they were trying for the license. My head spins when I think about what Miniatures they could have produced. I may be able to get a hold of one of those rare pieces this week. I am crossing my fingers.

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