Thursday, August 17, 2006

Olde Tyme Days

That’s right, the Days of yor, when I was a thoughtless teen. We had Nextels, we called them Walkie Talkies and could reach about 30 feet before you descended into a fog of static. When I was a Teenager, phones were anchored to walls and believe it or not you had to walk over to the phone to answer it. We had remote controls, they were called “ the youngest child” who proceed to turn the knobs ( with resounding clicks) of the TV ( after it had warmed up) to his fathers verbal direction. Yes we may have cable today, but we had UHF and VHF. We also had text messaging, it was taking your Stylus (back then we called them Pens, pencils, Crayons etc.) and wrote down a message on a sheet paper, then you slapped it on a bulletin board or Refrigerator via a large Magnet. Our CD’s were large black affairs, and our players had a multi disk function to, in the center of the record player was a large silver pin you could stack your records up on, when one record was done, the next record ( with a loud thwap) would drop on the turn table. Life was simpler back then, we weren’t in constant contact with friends, when you left the house ( we did that back then) and a friend called, you simply called them back when you got the message when you returned home. We actually would walk next door to talk to our friend…its true….I kid you not. Oh well, welcome to the future.

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