Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Das Basement

Ok, now keep in mind I love my basement, its where I keep 600 years of reenactment stuff and 25 years of gaming stuff, but since we have moved in it has also become the worlds foremost U-boat simulator.
First there was the Sump pump, after a plumber put a fixture that delivered to much back pressure…The coupling on the sump pump would blow apart. A fountain of water would reach all the way to the ceiling as yours truly sprang into action. At first I would be in the middle of the column of water with a screw driver trying to repair the pipe, drenched to the skin and going down by the bow. Then I figured out If I cut the power to the pump the water stopped, so yanking the cord became my course of action….UG.
Then there are the leaks in the walls…only when we get drenched, but they are there none the less.
Now with the new child, I haven’t been down in the basement that much, so yesterday I go down and there is a puddle radiating out from my Central Air unit…UG!!!. I figure it must be the drain line, I pull the cap off and run a clothes hanger down it….I can here it draining after that…that issue is solved, now for the puddle.
I end up tossing boxes and other junk that is soaked, I brush must of the water into the French drain…it’s a mess. I set up a fan to try to help it dry and checked it this morning, things seem to be drying out…I think It helps that the AC has been off for about 4 days with the cool rainy weather we have been having. Ug I keep thinking “am I going to have to send somebody down into the Battery compartment!!!”
Things could really be worse, and I thank the powers that be that they are not…but man I would just appreciate a dry basement.

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