Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fixing a Mailbox….

Now to most people, installing a new Mailbow would not be a chore…but they aren’t me. It is first important to understand the reason why I must replace this Mailbox…for the third time…Kids drive by our house and use it as batting practice. Yes it does warm my heart to think that one day a great homerun hitter will owe his success to my Mailbox…but it is aggravating. So I set out to purchase a Mailbox, ours was a nice deep hunter green, well apparently ( according to Lowes) People only use white and black now…so I chose the black.

On removing the old box…..

Well I went down to the old box with Drill in hand….Zip Zip Zip the screws began to come out “could it be this easy” I thought as I got to the last screw. No…it wasn’t gone to be that easy as for some unknown reason the last screw refused to come out. I grabbed a hand screw driver, nothing…I grabbed the famous Gerber Multi-tool that has never seen defeat ( do you know that the plier head of the Gerber multi-tool is a perfect fit in a M1 gas plug…its true) but then again…it had never meet this Screw. Finally I had to pry the screw from the wood block and at last….the old box was free to be put to rest.

On Installing the New Box…..

Again it would seem a simple matter…But then its me we are talking about. First screws go in fine but then I notice what I have been dreading…My drill runs out of power. Not to fear, I have a spare power pack….that is also found to be without power. So I try to use the Hand screwdriver and realize. where as it looks like wood, it is obviously rock. So I plug in the charger and wait. So, in the dark now, I manage to finally secure my new mailbox and join the great hero’s of Yore in conquering the un conquerable…Hail Me.

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