Sunday, May 15, 2011

Geeking at the Aravans

Got to visit the estate of Lord Aravan on Friday and had the rare opportunity to geek out over GOT with his lordship and the Sourcemaster.... and loved every taped glasses pushing, pocket protector wearing minute of it.

His Lordship and the SM both had the advantage of reading all the books but we limited our conversation over the first book and they alluded to a few things in the other books (Something I don’t mind at all) and they succeeded in flaming my desire to get the other books.

We also played a game called “Never have I ever” in which his lordship and I nearly died of thirst but it was so much fun hanging with the crew of geeks and nar-do-wells.

They make very happy drunks (for the most part) and great company!

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Anonymous said...

It was definitely a pleasure to have your company. It's been so difficult to not talk about GoT until the episodes pass - it's killin' me.