Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spin the bottle....

Sometimes I sit and listen to my younger friends tales of the wild parties that they have attended... full of naked women, beer and what not and I think back to my party days and the fun that was spin the bottle.

Thats right, the game were you and the girls sit in a circle, spin the bottle and whoever the bottle points to...you have to kiss. WILD!! INSANE!! Off the Hook!!! I know...it was all this and more and truth be told I only played it once.

We had just moved into our apartment in Springrun and we had some friends over. These many years latter and I have no idea how we all came to be sitting on the brown carpeting spinning a 2 litre bottle...but there we were.

Like I said....it was my only game of STB and truth be told it was kind of fun. I believe all the guys afterwards agreed that Mike’s girlfriend was akin to kissing a board and I remember Dave and Nat having a wild kiss or two but nothing you couldnt show in the 8:00 time slot on ABC.

A “wild and Crazy” time was had by all though, we seemed to have played for a while and I do not believe any alcohol was involved. In this day and age you have to laugh at the innocents of it I supposed...at least when compared to some parties I have listened to. I wonder if kids still play Spin The Bottle?

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