Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This Friday will see the mass opening of the new Pirates of the “Caribbean” movie. The return of the great Captain Jack Sparrow is sure to have movie goers all a flutter and bodice stores low on stock for months to come. Everyone will be Pirate crazy.... all except me.

I don’t like Pirates... well truth be told, I did like the first PotC, but the next two....not so much. I know, I know “Who the Frak cares what you think Clockwinder” the poor PotC fans are chanting and I must confess that I seldom care what I think about something as well, so please regard this poor entry as a simple IMHO sort of thing.

I certainly have nothing against women in bodices and when I become king we will certainly see more of that, and I think Johnny Depp is a brilliant actor so why did (and in fact do) hate these movies so much?

I don’t know... all I can say is I never even made it all the way through 2 and 3 in one sitting... I just have to get up and leave. There is not one thing that I can put my finger on...its like fruit cake.... you don’t know why but you hate it.

So fear not fans of the series, as you stand in line this weekend I will not be in front of you nor behind you to enjoy this new cinematic Masterpiece. I do hope the fans enjoy it and ....of course, to the ladies i say..... Buy and wear more bodices.

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Anonymous said...

I support your efforts at kingship on that point alone.

I feel the same way about pirates in general. I mean, I enjoyed the PoC movies because I didn't expect a hell of a lot out of them to begin with, but pirates for the most part don't interest me. I don't like ninjas either, so it makes the whole ninjas versus pirates thing a bit irrelevant.

Same thing with Steampunk, honestly. My favorite quote about steampunk came from Something Awful: "Ahhhh, steampunk. All the techno-fetishism of cyberpunk without the veneer of relevance." I just don't get the fetishization of the Victorian era. To each their own.