Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Harry Confession

My son, the young sage that he is, turn to me one day and said “Dad, you know the guy who plays Ron in the Harry Potter movies?” I said yes and he continued “ He gets uglier in every movie”. The comment in its self may not seem like much but the fact is it relates directly to one of my darkest secrets... I do not like Harry Potter.

Thats right, I have never even read a entire book, I have seen one or two of the movies and they did not suck, but neither did they do anything for me. Its strange, the series is Englishy and Magicy, two things that someone would assume would appeal to me....but it never has. Maybe the blame can be set entirely on my children’s shoulders neither of them have had much interest, though Kevin I believe has seen most of the movies, When I tried to read him the first book it just didnt seem to take.

I’m not a “I hate Harry” kind of guy, Hell I can even name some of the houses and remember some of the stuff from the movie, It just never grabbed me...not like the way “Game of Thrones” did or the first 3 Star Wars films ( to be precise Episodes IV, V, VI). I can’t explain this oddity, I want to be a Harry geek, lining up to see the last movie wearing my Hufflepuff scarf... but I just can’t.

My wifes family is full of Harry fans, I have friends who adore the series and from these people I beg forgiveness for my lack of enthusiasm....but then again, I will probably not see them in line for “Captain America: The first avenger” ( He did not just plug Captain America in a Harry Potter post? ..BAM!!... Oh yes I did) on Thursday at Midnight either.


mattruane said...

I feel exactly the same. I have seen two of the movies but I have never read the books. I tried but I could get into them

I'd love to know if there are more of us out there?

zarina said...

I don't understand the appeal either. The series is just not that exciting to me and honestly, not that original. Virginia and I will be at Captain American opening night - it looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I read the first 5 books, slowly and painfully. They...I don't know how to put it. It's partly that they were too silly ("Oh look, it's a Grindilly Lollypunderiff Kiblinny Cake!"), Harry always got everything handed to him (as I've, uh, noted in my blog), and there was too much focus on pretty unimportant things. But I suppose only a few of us feel that way.

mirwyn said...

Oh. Yes. You. Did. BAM!

Btw, I totally agree