Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clockwinder vlogmendment.... Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings"


mirwyn said...

Elves at Helms Deep... I can't even go on.

Anonymous said...

We have very similar feelings about the movies. I enjoyed the first - little nitpicks about Elrond or Arwen or Moria, similar to what you've said. I liked the next two when I saw them, less so, with more things I disliked. As time passed, my dislikes grew into peeves, then to anger, then to a frothing rage that I swear gets worse every day that passes. Helms Deep and the Elves. Faramir and never getting a chance to show his quality. Viggo singing. Aragorn getting hurt fighting the Wargriders and whatever happened after that. So many cringes and winces now, I can't watch them.