Friday, May 11, 2012

The Clockwinder.....on Bladerunner


mirwyn said...

I too am not sold on the idea that Deckard is a replicant. Unless he was a shitty test model the janitor was dicking around with after the scientists left for the day. I am not sure what function he would serve or what his price point could possibly be set at. But I digress, there are more pressing matters at hand... and that is Rachael, aka Sean Young.

I seethe with anger when I think that Nina Axelrod was passed over for the part for this horrid actress. She should have stuck with dance so I would never have to see her talentless, lame, horridness in any movie. I would be able to blissfully say that I didn't know what that harpy's voice sounded like if she just stuck with dance. I have an irrational hate for every role she has ever done. She ruins every scene she is in. WHY OH WHY did they pass you by Nina? Who did Sean Young have to blow to get YOUR ROLE?!?! *deep breath*

Love the movie dearly, HATE every second the camera shows me that Sean Young is in the film. I just start humming in my head when she speaks to drown her out or I suddenly need to go wash some dishes until she is off camera again.

Deckard can't be a replicant because no 'perfect' creature that is 'more human than human' would be attracted to any character Sean Young plays unless the janitor made him out of broken and rejected replicant parts... I mean seriously people.... It is Sean Young for Christ sakes...

It should have been you Nina... it should have been you.

Clockmaker said...

Holy Cow, i never even knew of the casting thing!!

aravan said...

Preach on, brothah, preach on! Deckard is not a replicant, so Ridley Scott can shut his whore mouth.

And Mirwyn's irrational hatred for Sean Young both fascinates and frightens me.