Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How not to be “father of the year”…

Ok, yesterday I blogged about my son and the Star Wars Lego’s game…at the time I did not know the near tragedy that I had unleashed.

Flashback….March 6th, 0630 hours
I set out to leave for work, the wind was blowing hard as I pulled on my coat. I was surprised by the wait of the garment when I remembered I had placed my son’s game boy that contained his Game boy Star wars lego game ( though not as loved as the PC version, he like to play it while on the way to school) in my pocket the day before when I had picked him up. My thoughts soon turned to the garbage can that I had to take out and how it would fair in the strong wind, so I set the game boy down on the roof of my jeep and set off to secure the the garbage can. When I felt that task had been accomplished sufficiently I hoped in my Jeep and drove off to work…already late.

Flashback….March 6th, 1400 hours
My wife phoned me at work to say she was home and that everything was fine with her. Then she mentioned that she had told my son he could play his game boy on the way home since it was still in my jacket. My head began to swim, like in a bad movie, I saw myself placing the game boy atop my Jeep over and over again, in slow motion, in bizarre angles, from the perspective of the poor game boy followed by the Mental scream shot that pulls back from my tortured face. I had forgotten my sons game boy on the roof of my Jeep when I pulled out that morning.

All Attempts to located the poor device were fruitless and at 4:00 I had to face my child and tell him of the unforgivable act his father was guilty of. You got to love 5 year olds, he took it in stride, asked my a million and one “why didn’t you…” and “ you could have…” questions without anger or sadness. In fact it was he who simply said “ I guess we can order one on line” but so guilt ridden was I that I had to stop at Best Buy and get him a new one on the way home. We couldn’t find his Star Wars lego game at the stores we stopped at, and we’ll have to order that on line but he is ok with that.
When we got home he hoped onto the PC and got enough points to buy Boba Fett ( all before bath time) so he was as pleased as punch. I felt so bad for losing his game, I was convinced he would be upset, but he wasn’t, he took the whole thing better then I did, you got to love him.

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