Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The SCI FI Chanel…Modern Slavery?

Ok I just need to know one thing….does the Sci Fi channel practice slavery? In the past I have ranted about their really really bad movies, the ones they make in eastern Europe for 20 dollars but now I am wondering if they are more evil then I thought.

Case in point…Claudia Black…First off and for the record, she’s not hard to look at, But I now believe that at some point SFC bought her…she appears in everything they do.
First there was Farscape, loved her in that, then she pops up in Stargate SG1. I stopped and thought “what the ….” But I let it go. Now this week she was in the Dresden Files!! Sweet Potato Pie! People she is being held against her will!! What next, a lead in the latest bad Nazi Gargoyle movie? Or is she doomed to be eaten by a Giant Mutant Vole. Hear me Sci Fi Channel!!! Let her go!!! Free Her!!!!
So the question is, how much did SFC pay for her and How much would they sell her for?

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