Monday, March 12, 2007

“ There will be no Ewoks in my house!!!!”

This weekend, as I lay sleeping late on Saturday, my Son came bounding into the room. He had drawn a picture he wished to show me. My blood ran cold as I looked down at the sheet of paper and its masterful illustrations for he had drawn… Ewoks!!
First there was a Ewok in a red shirt carrying a spear, which he made sure I understood was him, then there was wicket ( he made me guess what one was wicket) with his little sling about to wrap around his head and finally a little guy with a bow.
My initial thought was to rip up the picture in front of his 5 year old eyes and send him off to his room until he was 12, but this seemed to harsh, so I let the whole thing slide. Over the period of the day the picture grew in its grandeur, a ATST was soon being crushed by logs, a Scout trooper flew his speeder bike and a Storm trooper tried to defend himself ( A legion of his best troops…yeah right).
I was considering institution that I could send him to, to help de-program him, to help him over come this Ewoktosis that he was suffering….but that’s when it occurred to me. My son was probably the exact audience that those furry little terrorist were designed to appeal to…so after simmering down I resigned myself to wait patently for this phase to pass.
….But if I start seeing pictures of Jar-Jar, all bets are off!!! Were going to the wood-shed!!!

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