Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Padme!!! What are you thinking?

Ok, in the past I have spoken about my 5 year olds love of star wars and how he loves the Lego star wars game. Well to celebrate the birth of his little brother we bought him the other game that deals with the first three movies ( PM, AOTC, ROTS). Now the game has a bright spot, you can watch Jar- Jar die over and over again…and that makes me happy, but like the other game, for my son to get into the spirit of things he has to watch the movie dealing with the chapter he is playing.

So one night we find our selves watching “Attack of the Clones”, not my favorite so I am watching with sarcastic colored glasses on…that’s when it hits me, WHAT THE HECK IS PADME THINKING!!!.

So she’s all “ we cant do this” and “its not right” while she shows up for dinner wearing a leather corset and collar around her neck ??? Then there is my favorite dress, the one she wears on Tatooine when Anakin returns from killing the Tusken Raiders… You know, the scene in the garage. Now watch that scene and look at that dress and ask your self…does the neck line form a arrow pointing down…TO A TARGET?????
I am not even going to go into her choice of clothing for Anakin’s mom’s funereal, maybe it was the only clean thing she had left.

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