Friday, October 19, 2007

And now the Dog….

Well I took the dog into the Vet yesterday, she had been favoring her back left leg and we thought, since she is a Lab/ Shepard mix that it was Her hip. Well the good news is it isn’t, the bad news is she has a torn ligament.
I had heard a click when she ran and the DR felt it in her knee so we were given some options. A, go home with some anti inflamatories and hope it gets better, the minus’s against her being that she is a big dog and that she would be putting all weight on her other leg Or B she can have a operation to repair the knee.
The Operation isn’t cheap…its very expensive…but I think I would rather have her Pass on the operating table in a attempt to relieve her pain then watch her limp around for the remainder of her life.
So here we are…Its been a eventful last couple of months.

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