Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More then meets the eye!!

I scored some daddy points yesterday by remembering to pick up Transformers on the way home. Kevin was very excited, but we couldn’t watch it until after Soccer and and his shower. When that was done he watched about 40 minutes of the movie then went up to bed.

Halo 3 Clix

I picked up my brick of Halo 3 clix, all and all I have to say the WIZ Kids does allot better job with their miniatures then Wizards of the Coast does…my only real issue is that they are a little to big to use with 28mm. The animation of some of the pieces is great…and lets face it, you can never have to many Master Chiefs.

Postal Strike in UK

I picked up some pre-painted miniatures off of ebay, really nice paint jobs, good price, only to be told that the UK is currently under a Postal Strike so I will have to wait to receive them. That’s ok though, not like Im going to be using them tomorrow.

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