Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh My!!

Sorry ya’ll, no posts in a while, been a little busy/lazy. Owen is not having a good month…Still…I think he may be teething now and that may be giving ear trouble…poor little guy. Kevin is in school and playing soccer, He is a super big help with his brother and is a good sport most of the time. I felt bad yesterday because I got into a bad mood because of Owen’s fussiness that I think I may have taken out on him a little. I try not to but sometimes I am a bit short with him…I’ll do better.
The GWA event is around the corner, Im looking forward to that, Seeing the guys ought to be a blast.
I left DDO, Im officially MMORPGless, sad but DDO isn’t really solo friendly and I don’t have the Time to put into it ( A least large block of time) that I once did. I have been looking for a new game to play….I bought MOH Airborne but have had all sorts of issues with it so Im not playing


Now I played Halo, liked it, but as with all 1st person shooters I cant hang that long without feeling sick. I loved the world and love Red Vs Blue…a couple of weeks ago I stumbled into the the live action stuff they have been doing for Halo 3 and have to say OMFG!!! Wow!!! I could watch that all day. I watched some of the other stuff the director did “Live from Joberg” and some others and he is awesome. Even the the one they did about the Vet in the Museum was great. Well done guys…well Done indeed!

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