Monday, March 07, 2011

Bladerunner Franchise??? .... Could it be??

A Friend sent me a link to a Article that states a company is trying to by the rights to Bladerunner so they can start a new Bladerunner Franchise... I say Go for it.

Its no secret that I love the Original (and that I 100% believe the only way the film works is if Deckard is a human) and if they put have the work the Scott did into bringing his vision of a Dark Future to the screen, it will definitely make lots of Clockwinder dollars.

However... If this is someones way of cheaply milking some cash cow... be warned, I will hunt you to the ends of the earth.

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aravan said...

My gut instinct says cash cow butchered horribly.

I just finished reading the book it was based on for the first time, and any lingering doubt that Deckard might have been a replicant is long gone. He's 1000% human. Of course the two stories aren't the same, but the descriptions of Deckard and his own fears that he might not pass the test contribute mightily to the protrayal of him in the movie. No way he's a replicant, and I don't care that Scott said that Deckard was one. He also could have said that the part of deckard was played by a six-foot tall culture of spoiled tapioca pudding, but that doesn't make it true.