Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bartender!! I’ll have a Sarsaparilla

There is one fact about the clockwinder that often surprises people... no, I’m not talking about my total control over time and space... I am referring to the fact that I do not partake of Alcoholic beverages. I believe I have tasted beer and wine at some point in my life but I have never touched the stuff besides that.

My abstinence is not because of some deeply rooted religious belief, it isnt because of “that time in Vegas” or that I “have a problem”... its simply because I don’t like the smell or taste of the stuff. My father was not some alcoholic monster who beat sobriety into me nor was my twin killed by a drunk driver... it is as simple as that... I don’t like the stuff.

I have known friends for over 20 years that still offer me a beer or snort from a flask and still raise a eyebrow when I politely refuse. I have wondered what people think as I sometimes catch a odd look from a person or two. Truthfully though I generally don’t care what they think in regards to my drinking as I don’t think I am “inhibited” socially by it.

My GI classification is of course L7, but I have never minded people drinking around me. I am happy to say that all of my friends are very good drunks, they laugh they delve into deep, alcohol clouded conversations about unsolvable mysteries of life ( I remember many such talks in Ofriel’s while listening to Irish music) and have a great time. I hate people who are bad drunks, that get into fights or become pains in the arse but that is because they become “My problem” then.

At reenactments, when night falls, the people leave, my friends can consume great amounts of spirits and the camp is alive with laughter and conversation. I do remember a few times a drunken person ( never one of my friends) has become my problem... I do remember Grabbing a guy before he feel backwards down the barracks stairs at FIG or having to clean up after a “accident” ... but my friends are great.

My friends at home are much the same way... I have seen how guys become concerned because there friend has been drinking and may start a fight or hurt himself... but that has never been my friends.

As a teenager and young adult, as people around me consumed great sea’s of amber liquids, I was reminded at a recent get together, I used to have a cooler with a 6-pack of Hawaiian punch ( a drink I still like today) at my side. I do not look down my noise at people who drink... I am not offended, I sometimes become concerned when people get to drunk but I do not pass judgement on people because they choose to have a beer or 12.

I sometimes wonder about drinks and drinking, like Absinthe or the issue and drinking of rum in the British Army ( a tradition that lasted into the 20th century) or I have wanted to be cool and order some hype drink at a bar... one with some sort of fruit impaled with a plastic sword... but thats been about it. I often smell what is being drunk.... and find it repulsive but I guess “different strokes”.

Many a person has noted “if your this way sober... I hate to see ya when your drunk”, I have wondered what I would be like under the influence as well... but that will remain a mystery. After 45 years of life, I don’t think I am going to begin a new habit. If your a friend, don’t be concerned, have a good time and bottoms up... responsibly.


Jeannie said...

OMG!!! A fellow traveller!!! I, too, strongly dislike the alcohol taste and smell. There is a good chance I am allergic to alcoholic beverages - more than just sulfides - but never bothered to test for it since I don't like the taste anyway. I, too, am perplexed how longtime friends can't seem to remember this one fact about me, and how some still seem to shrug like it's some temporary aberration (like a head cold or something). Especially at office parties, where I've worked for over a decade now.

Though I have to admit I've never understood the point of drinking to get drunk, and have a pretty low tolerance for drunk folks. Always seemed like an expensive excuse to get silly, when frankly you can just, well, be silly!

Wren nests in... said...

And why would I want to drink something that tastes like vinegar...? :o)

Hooray, I knew there were more of us out there!