Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Clockwinder’s Kitchen.... Recipe #1

Bavarian Gott im Himmels

Your friends are gathered around the harth sipping your favorite Detroit wine and discussing the latest episode of Jersey Shore and drawing similes to the great teachings of Socrates and Aristotle. All is right in the world as the cries of the beleagured city are barely audable over the drunken hum of conversation and the electronic symphony that is your Atari combat game playing on your old zenith. You don’t want to ruine the moment with the wrong finger feast... so you make up a tray of the Clockwinders Patent pending “Bavarian Gott Im Himmels”.

What you will need....

Bag of Mini Pretzels

1 Can of Kraft Easy Cheese

1 bottle of Tobasco

First, spread a single layer of mini Pretzels over your best snack tray, make sure there is a certain uniformity... we all know presentation is half the battle.

Then open your can of “Kraft Easy Cheese” and spread a generous portion onto each Pretzel. Don’t worry, the wonder of Eay Cheese will not fall through the gaps so your carpet remnant that covers the old blood stain will be safe from spills.

Now its time to put the Zip into your BGIH’s... Open your precious bottle of tabasco and place one drop of the blessed red ambrosia on to each cheese lump.

Now serve... are let your heart swell to the joyous laughter and compliments that float freely through your abode.

There are many variations on the BGIH’s, using Crackers, melba toast and even shrimp...however be warned that fruit Gott In Himmels generally don’t go over very well.

This has been the first installment of the Clockwinder’s Kitchen... good bye and remember... Warm Bellies mean happy hearts.

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