Monday, March 07, 2011


Why are we still dedicating hours of Television and countless bytes of digital information to the riveting story of Charlie Sheen? Why must I be bombarded constantly by the celebrity cult in all its hellish glory?

This planet is not with out its own actual drama, Lets not forget that we still have 100’s of thousands of troops overseas fighting a war (and what ever you choose to call Iraq at the moment), American’s in harms way and how about the revolts in the middle east, Libya is practically in the midst of a civil war but No... Please tell me about Charlie Sheen and what ever non-sense he is ranting about today... Really? front page stuff? Seriously?

I love the products of the entertainment industry... but if you were to ask... and for the record you have not... wither I want you (the press) hunting these people down and photographing them, getting out of cars, visiting the beach, eating a hot dog or walking their dog, I would tell you “No Thanks”. Though I am envious of the life styles some of these people lead, I don’t need to invade them... I dont want the fact that they went out drinking or that they havent the common sense the good lord gave them pushing real news of the front page.

Stand clear of the grates.... The Clockwinder is venting.

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aravan said...

Today Charlie Sheen. Yesterday Lindsay Lohan. Day before Sarah Palin. Day before that, Britney Spears. Tomorrow? I'm sure someone will come along. I guess we have to allow everyone to enjoy their own version of bread and circuses. Even if it makes me want to build a bomber jet from balsa wood and target Hollywood.