Thursday, September 28, 2006


We learned a lot last night, first, Death loves Jake. This guy killed two people in a crash on day 1 of the Post apocalypse and on day two he was shooting for PAR however his old sweet heart downed one of the convicts robbing him of his score (Drat). Then there is the strange case of Mr Hawkins, the “ex-cop from St Louis”, Is he simply a Plotontic device ( he seems to know everything) or something else. I can buy that a cop may know all the facts about Nuclear explosions ( training after 9/11) but Morse Code?? I kept half expecting him to leap up a perform surgery. So a lot of the town is now buried in the Salt Mine, some in Town Hall and the rest in there basements. I am liking this show so far, Yes I am partial to the Post Holocaust genre, but its been good TV so far. The big thing came at the end of the episode, when the mysterious Mr Hawkins keeps pushing pins into the Map of the United states, each pin, we assume, represents a nuclear blast…Poor Phili.

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