Thursday, September 14, 2006


I watched the first episode of the new CBS show Jericho on Yahoo last night. First off, the Post Apocalypse and Zombie Films are a favorite genre so they had me hooked to begin with. The Show is set in the Mythical town of Jericho Kansas, Jake Green, The son of the mayor returns to town to try to collect his inheritance. He meets old friends, fights with his family and the whole time Im thinking “oh sweet lord let the bombs fall”. It isn’t to long before my wish is granted as ( what they believe to be) Denver goes up in a mushroom cloud ( they latter find out there may have been a second bomb in Atlanta). Now the post Apocalypse gets to roll’n, Fights at the gas pump, escape convicts, yokels with guns, the pieces begin to fall into place. I know they cant go right to Green Mohawks and super chopped cars with spikes everywhere so I will give it some time.

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