Monday, September 18, 2006

Post Weekend

Thomas the Tank Engine, that right folks, we went to see Thomas again, although this time there seemed to be more of a “Evacuation of Saigon” Feel to the whole thing. When Kevin chose to go through the little maze I started to realize that all I was hearing was the screams of children, the yelling of Parents and (oddly enough) Dixie land jazz. Parents were physically pulling their children here and there, Children were kicking and screaming, it was near about as close to the apocalypse as you can get without a mushroom cloud. Then there was the pushing to get on the Train…not Thomas mind you, but the longer train. We did get a chance to meet Cousins Robin and Mike and their son Daniel and Daniel and Kevin were very good all day so that was a bonus.

I picked up the new Star Wars Limited edition, I watched some of the original release and I stand by my earlier comments that George really cluttered things up to much with what he added. Some of the scenes are, IMHO, allot better without the Flying Driods, huge Lizards and horribly rendered CGI Stormtroopers.

Uh....and I got a Shoofly Pie :o)

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